Quotes by founder, Shri Vipin Chand Bomb:

"What matters to the body is the matter that goes into the body."
"What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body."
"Do not meddle with your body, your body knows the best."
"What we should do is what we should NOT do?"
"Cure for incurables through uncommon common sense."
"Vegetarianism spreads peace. Spread Vegetarianism for sake of world peace."
"Vegetarianism for Human Health and Animal Wealth."
"Vegetarianism, a passport to heaven."
"Definition of VEG-
   V ery
   E asy to
   G rasp by the body & the brain."
"Veg-good for mental peace."
"Vegetarianism for National Integration."
"Vegetarianism is religion common to all religion."
"Do not enforce vegetarianism follow vegetarianism and the whole world is at peace."

Precautions with Food in Zero Therapy Vegetarianism Life Style

As per Zero Therapy what we should do is what we should not do. Here is what we should not do:

No Medicine in any form not even herbal
No Tobacco in any form
No Alcohol
No Meat and Eggs
No Honey
No Butter
No Cheese
No Idly
No Achar (Pickle)
No Corn in any form
No Sprouts
No Coconut water
No Ice Water
No Tea Masala
No Garam Masala
No Kali Mirch(Pepper)
No Pipalamor
No Reiki
No Accu Pressure
No Accu-puncture
No Yoga
No Onion, Garlic, Beat root and like (with powerful smell)
No Curd, Butter Milk
No Coffee
No Podina
No Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cake
No Lemon
No Menthol (like mint based toffees)
No Mosquito Repellent
No Bettel nut
No too much spicy food

Avoid same fruit and vegetables ( It may be good for few days but may be excess after five days or so...)

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