Quotes by founder, Shri Vipin Chand Bomb:

"What matters to the body is the matter that goes into the body."
"What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body."
"Do not meddle with your body, your body knows the best."
"What we should do is what we should NOT do?"
"Cure for incurables through uncommon common sense."
"Vegetarianism spreads peace. Spread Vegetarianism for sake of world peace."
"Vegetarianism for Human Health and Animal Wealth."
"Vegetarianism, a passport to heaven."
"Definition of VEG-
   V ery
   E asy to
   G rasp by the body & the brain."
"Veg-good for mental peace."
"Vegetarianism for National Integration."
"Vegetarianism is religion common to all religion."

Food Research

Inherent properties of food and their effect on character of people as researched by Vipin Chand Bomb.

Happiness : 15-Mar-2011

Happiness: Happiness in fact has no meaning as people have understood. Happiness is a reflection of an individual. A person can make someone unhappy and feel happy. The action that makes a person happy or unhappy is important rather than being so called Happy. A greedy person is happy. A Stingy person is happy. A murderer is happy. A tax evader is happy. Hence it is the character of a person is what makes a person, so called happy. In other words happiness means character. Happiness reflects the level of thinking.

Magnet Healing (Our opinion and Experience) : 9-Mar-2011

Some years back, I read that magnet water is very good for health. I however always like to experiment and experience myself rather than going by borrowed knowledge. So I bought two magnets and meticulously followed the procedure given in the book as available in many books. I had grown a new plant in a pot. Used this magnetic water. To my surprise it grew very fast compared to other plant in other pot but after 15 or 20 days the health of the plant started deteriorating and with in 1 and half months the plant was gone. Sadly people are following this magnet therapy without knowing the long term side effect in the body.

An elderly man and a relative of mine got operated in a leading hospital for heart surgery. As the bad luck will have it after some time the pus started coming from the stitches through the bone. My elderly relative then tried lots of methods, one among them was magnet cure. Nevertheless the pus stopped oozing from near the place. But after some time he developed severe pain in the leg below the knee. The pus trying to come out of that place, having stopped by magnet treatment. Moreover, his stomach started bulging and waist diameter started increasing to a great extent. People must watch for the long term ill side effect of the body.

Enlightenment: 16-Feb-2011

A must for enlightenment – harmony in married life. A Brahmachary cannot attain the state of enlightenment. He can only be bhakta(chela state). For example Hanuman was a bhakt, Rama and Laxmana were Gods. Enlightened souls attain moksha. The moral of the story is that one has to have harmony in married life and then only one can get enlightenment.
Brahmacharya = Brahma + achar(behavior).


There is lot of confusion about home remedies. People often misunderstand the word home remedies - there is another thing called remedies done at home. If based on scientific reasoning, such things are not called home remedies.

Taking milk with turmeric powder is a home remedy, since people don’t know the science behind it. Milk is alkali - turmeric is acidic in nature both outside the body and inside the body too.

Remedies done at home with scientific reasoning -
Almost all allopathic science has its base in remedies done at home. For example in olden days and in present days too, clove is used to suppress the pain in tooth. All dentists use clove oil, so it does not come under home remedy - but remedies done at home since there is a science behind it.
Consumption of milk with saffron* is not a home remedy. Saffron if prescribed for pregnant ladies is not home remedy but remedy done at home since there is a science behind it. There are certain chemical properties of saffron which have physical and mental effect on the human body but one has to know the right combination, right quantity and the right weather in which to take this. If all these are taken into account, this is not called home remedy, but on the contrary remedy done at home. Home remedies are a strict NO under our zero therapy life style.
Finally the founder of allopathic Hippocrates clearly said, “let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food”. When he said ‘food’ he clearly meant food remedies at home and not in a Hotel or Hosp----, hence cure through scientific combination of food does not come under home remedies.
Incidentally in the hospital the first thing the doctor asks is ---“how do you feel”? So feeling better, especially over a long period, is doing better.

*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Saffron's bitter taste and an iodoform- or hay-like fragrance result from the chemicals picrocrocin and safranal. A carotenoid dye, crocin, allows saffron to impart a rich golden-yellow hue to dishes and textiles.

“Diwaro ke bhi kaan hothein hai” (Hindi) – Walls also have ears.

This is a good old proverb which we have been listening from our ancestors, down to ancestors and to us.

Every item in the world sentient or non sentient (Jeev or ajeev) radiates heat and along with heat it also sends the vibration, hence when a group of person or two people talk in a room where there is no disturbance by electronics gadgets or by the bhavana of the 3rd group or the 3rd person, these vibrations are picked up by the wall. (Since no interference). Vibrations generate the heat and along with the heat, feelings are sent to the universe. Anyone who is interested in subject can get connected to the thoughts via the universe sent by the walls (Transmitter or Tran receiver).

This is how the message is spread through the walls, which in Hindi we say “Diwaro ke bhi kaan hote hai”

The most important part of this is, as my quote goes-

“Language is not important, what one understands is important”


Present day everyone is in search of knowledge & knowledge & knowledge and not the truth.

Gentleman, knowledge is one that is always borrowed and nothing works on borrowed capital. Knowledge is what one picks up. What you own is yours and what you acquire does not stay long.

Truth is not available anywhere else outside you. One has to find the truth if he really looks for the truth, which is got through the connectivity between the soul and the universe. Knowledge is available in the world but truth is available above the world, by just thinking and thinking and thinking (provided the food is zero therapy style food).

If you want to go still higher one has to follow mono diet which purifies the soul and takes one to higher level where by thinking and thinking one can know the truth.


· Step 1: Correction of food.
· Step 2: Least varieties of natural food chemicals in daily food.
· Step 3: The effect: Such person will get detached from the world and once you are detached the truth comes automatically.

As my quote goes

“Don’t believe any head, be political or religious, believe your own head”

Hence we don’t go in detail. We leave it to your brain to work.

Onion – The negative energy.

If energy is measured by energy pendulum, it will rotate in anti-clock wise direction. Hence not advisable to be eaten. It is almost as dangerous as garlic. Raw onion is more dangerous than cooked onions. The reason is negative smell as again and again told by us in our sessions and site and seminars. Being negative smell it removes the energy from individual's body. This is the reason, in olden days Rishi Munis never used to eat onions and garlic.

“What matters to the body is not only what you eat but matters what you smell.” - Vipin Chand Bomb.

No medicine is cure: Fear is also cure.

It is a proven fact that there is no medicine that has no side effect, be it Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani , Siddha etc...

The Reason: Body does not accept any material other than the diet. Even Amla, even tulsi, clove or any allopathy medicine is a medicine for the body. And almost all are of acidic nature. Body consist of 20% acid, 80% alkali. Anything other than food (normal daily vegetarian diet) imbalances the natural balance of the body and hence converts itself into disease.

  Extract from book on Quotations by Vipin Chand Bomb:
        “Don't believe any head - be it political or religious.
        Believe your own head” - Vipin Chand Bomb.

        “When west speaks, east reports - even though re-search ( nothing new)
        When east speaks, east ignores - even though invention". (This quotation was made on account of my personal experience)

My personal experience - Fear is Cure: One of my business friend's mother was admitted 3 times in six months on account of various problems. Finally doctors refused to operate further since bones became porous and brittle. My business friend's family came to me for consultation and I told him that it is a good thing that the fear of operating upon is a blessing in disguise. She was put on a normal diet with Paneer and Ghee added in the diet. She is able to sleep better. Now she goes to toilet twice a day. She is now finding her days a big bonus, having been given up as a gone case. So here is a case of cure due to fear and cure due to no medicine.

Mosquito, a gift of nature for the benefit of mankind. 7-Dec-2010.

Reason: All mosquitoes, suck the blood from human being and not inject the blood.

The Logic: If mosquito where to inject blood it would be starving without food. The impure blood is the food of mosquito.

The Fact: Mosquitoes are born or rather given birth by nature for purification of blood of human being. Somebodies poison is somebodies food. Then there are smaller versions of mosquitoes available in the garden. They don't go beyond the third skin. They only sting and leave a small bulge which is harmless. Hence both the type of mosquitoes are harmless except creating inconvenience for the mind and the body.

Another interesting point is that mosquito senses the smell of mosquito repellent and runs away. Look at the common sense of the human brain that humans stay in danger and also pay money for mosquito repellents.

Its my experience that among a couple the mosquito is clearly seen to bite the spouse whose blood is impure. Similarly, when in a group, mosquito will attack the person whose blood is most impure or has got more toxic matter in the body.

Almonds (badam):

Almond is energetic. Ideal for winter. Advisable to be taken without removing the skin. Same almond has cooling effect if soaked in water, overnight, in a glass or mud bowl. Skin to be removed manually after soaking for 6 to 8 hours. It should peel of by just small pressure. Paste made out of the almond with misri (Indian traditional hand made sugar cubes.) is highly advisable for cooling the body in Summer. It has got different effect on different body.

Garlic the biggest danger ???

The cow brought up in a traditional life style never eats garlic. However, over a period animals have changed their bodies and in turn working of the system. Ayurveda has brought in this as a medicine and for treating the so called disease but in fact it does not do anything good for emotional or spiritual health.

My Experience ( Vipin Chand Bomb's ): A friend of mine introduced a person saying he has developed a oil supplied by him free of cost which it seems could cure small ailments and thus doing a service to humanity. Even acupuncture specialists used to get this medicinal oil and use it on their patients and charge them.

The next statement from me “This is not a service to humanity. The person whom you have introduced me has taken lots and lots of garlic and the property of garlic is seen in his action.

The point here to be stressed is that the inherent property of garlic is built in egoism. Most of the Indians were talking garlic in the form of medicine or with daily food. Increasing the egoistic character for everyone. This was being taken as a advantage by invaders. Perhaps our country was the highest invaded country by foreigners.

And to prove the egoism, such actions are seen from the person who consumes garlic. To satisfy the self egoism, so called charitable things take place. My own brother in law develops such herbal ointments and such oil which he thinks is beneficial and temporarily it also helps people. He is also fond of too much of garlic. Now the first person unconsciously stopped making oil and we found from his food habit that for some reason he had stopped eating garlic. In other words, so called service to humanity is invariably done by people whose food habit consist of mostly garlic.

Reason: Each eatable item in the world has inherent property. Scientist only see the physical property. Inherent property cannot be tested in labs, it can only be seen in character.

May be all the dictator's food habit consisted and consisted of garlic. Inherent property of garlic is egoism, not listening to people, dictatorship, ruthlessness – (tamsick and rajsick guna) .

When garlic is eaten, due to latent heat the taste bud of tongue gets corrupted at the same time the smell goes to the brain changing the brain chemical, food goes to the liver and due to the latent heat of garlic, liver has to release some sort of chemical to neutralize this latent heat.

Most interesting point to be noted here is the release of the chemical from the liver is due to command from brain. The liver and the brain communicate all the time online, being chemical factories (This is the reason alcohol simultaneously damages liver (liquid) and brain (smell)). This two communicate through chemicals. Other organs communicate like electrical connections.

More details to be updated later.....

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