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Recipes of Zero Therapy

There are many satvik recipes in the world. But this is probably the world's first recipes where no Curd, no Lemon, no Fermentation is used apart from Onion, Garlic and other under roots.















Zero Therapy Summer Recipe and Cooking Video


Gulab Sherbat

Recommended Season : Only Summer
Ingrediants : Rose Petals 100 gms (“Panneer Rose” flowers) Sugar 500 gms Water 300 gms (or 1 tall glass)

Select pink colour rose flowers (preferably organic) that have not been sprayed with chemicals, the variety that are called “Panneer Rose” in Chennai. You can watch video of this preparation on www.zerotherapy.com, “Summer Recipes 2009”.

Separate the petals from the flowers. Sieve the petals so as to remove any dust particles. Then wash the petals well in a bowl and sieve them again. Spread the petals on a cloth so that excess water is removed from the petals. Do not press or squeeze the petals.

With the above given quantities of sugar and water, make sugar syrup till you get a two-string consistency. Add the rose petals, mix well and after one boil, turn off the flame. Cover it and let it stand for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, filter and remove the petals from the syrup, using a thin muslin cloth or net. Don’t squeeze the petals too hard or it would turn bitter. The syrup is concentrated Gulab Sherbat. Bottle it and refrigerate it.

It is preferable to add this syrup to milk (at room temperature) to make rose flavoured milk. This drink has a very cooling effect on the body and so is to be served only in summer.

Serving : 1/5th glass concentrate and 4/5ths glass of milk. This can be tried and adjusted according to taste and preference.

Kairi ka Pani / Panna

Recommended Season : Summer and Warm Weather
Ingrediants : Big sized raw mangoes 2 (Indian Standard) Water 500 ml (2 tall tumblers) Sugar 400 gms Cummin Seeds 1 spoon (dry roasted and coarsely ground)

Wash the mangoes. Cut off the tip of the stem side of the mangoes and pressure cook in the given quantity of water for 4 whistles. The mangoes will become soft when cooked. After they have cooled, remove the peel, and squeeze the mango and the peel using your hand to get a soft pulp. Keep this thick pulp aside.

Add some water to the mango seed and peel, wash them thoroughly and squeeze well in a different bowl. Now you can discard the mango seed and peel. Filter the juice obtained the second time through a net or a thin muslin cloth. Add sugar to this juice and cook it in an open pan till it comes to boiling point. Also filter the thick pulp extracted at first from the mango, and add it to the boiling mango juice.

When it boils, turn off the flame and add the dry roasted and coarsely ground cumin seed (jeera) powder. The final juice should be neither too thick nor too diluted. When this juice becomes cold, transfer it to a glass bottle and refrigerate it, if it is to be kept for more than a day. When refrigerated, it can be kept for 10 to 15 days. If it has to be stored for a longer period (more than 10 days), then it has to be made into a thick juice. Add less quantity of water during preparation.

Serving : 1/5th concentrate and 4/5ths water (stored in a mud pot), adjusted to taste. This is cooling and energizing during summer and warm weather.
When the juice is served, it is in the form of a thin liquid. Consumption of salt in a thin liquid, can cause strain to the kidneys, as they find it difficult to filter the salt. So, addition of any salt has been avoided in the preparation of this juice.


Recommended Season : Summer and Warm Weather
Ingrediants : Black Pepper 8 gms Fennel Seeds 10 gms Poppy seeds 10 gms Musk Melon Seeds 10 gms [also available as Cucumber seeds or vellari vedai] Water Melon Seeds 10 gms Peeled Cardamom 8 gms Gulkand 1 small cup (50 gms) Saffron petals ¼ tsp (small) Almonds 100 gms Sugar 1 Kg

Soak all the Masala ingredients in water (from black pepper to cardamom, except gulkand) together in a vessel for 4-5 hours. Also soak the almonds in a vessel separately for 4-5 hours. Peel the almonds.

In a wet grinder or mixer, grind the peeled almonds, all the soaked masala items and gulkand till you get a fine paste. Add water while grinding, for free grinding. Take out the mixture and pass it through a net. Take the filtered water and filter it again using a thick cotton cloth or double layered thin muslin cloth. Take 10 ml of this double filtered water and soak the saffron petals in a cup for half an hour.

Grind the residue, which was left in the net, again, adding water. And filter this mixture again twice, once through the net and once through the cloth. This water can be added to the first extracted and filtered water.

Now take the residue (from the net) again for the last time, and adding water, grind it well. Filter this mixture also twice as before. Keep this water separate from the earlier extracts. The residue in the net can now be discarded.

Boil the water extracted the third time, adding 1 kg of sugar to it, till the sugar melts and mixes, and it reaches a boiling point. Then add the water extracted the first and second times, and bring it to a boil again. Turn down to a slow flame, add the saffron along with the water, mix and turn off the flame. After it cools down completely, bottle it and store in the refrigerator.

This concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 months.

Serving : Mix 1 part of the concentrate to 4 parts of milk (at room temperature or slightly chilled). Do not take it with chilled milk or hot milk and never with water.


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