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"What matters to the body is the matter that goes into the body."
"What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body."
"Do not meddle with your body, your body knows the best."
"What we should do is what we should NOT do?"
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"Vegetarianism for Human Health and Animal Wealth."
"Vegetarianism, a passport to heaven."
"Definition of VEG-
   V ery
   E asy to
   G rasp by the body & the brain."
"Veg-good for mental peace."
"Vegetarianism for National Integration."
"Vegetarianism is religion common to all religion."

Selection of Fruits

All seasonal fruits are good for particular geography where it is grown. In a way its nature's remedy for the body but care must be taken for selection to see that the fruits are grown under natural conditions. Fruits and Vegetables grown out of seed are more natural then the seeds bought out. If the seeds of the vegetable and fruits are used to plant, they have vitality and life since they have power of reproduction and hence full of energy and vitality.

If the skin of any fruit is very thin it can be eaten with the skin but in modern days one need not eat with the skin for it may have preservatives. Thick skin fruits mean you must eat the inside and skin to be thrown out. For example, sweet lime, orange, water melon etc... with thick skin. Apple, Guava have thick skin. And if the seeds can be separated from the fruit means nature tells you to throw the seeds like lemon, orange and Satkudi. If the seed, are along with gel like in tomato, figs, Guava means it is to eaten along with seeds. It is clearly indicated by nature which fruit is to be eaten with and without seeds.


Please see that skin is thinner. This will avoid chemical ripening. Green colour normally indicates not fully ripe. It is good if the banana is half ripened on the plant and it ripens naturally till it reaches the household. But now a days most of the commercial people are ripening the fruits by unnatural methods.


The shape of apple naturally is like heart. The apple should not be shinning, polished which is easily visible by naked eyes. In market varieties of apple are available. If apple for same volume is heavy means its a better stuff to eat. Means more juicy and not like atta. Present day apple should never be taken with skin. (Even though nature has provided it to be eaten with skin). Through thin skin of fruits, it may absorb preservative inside. It is advisable to remove the skin thickly. Anyway one has to use common sense, which is not common these days and hence known as uncommon common sense. Generally Apple are available in winter and also advisable to be eaten in winter and Mango are available in summer, right fruit for summer but to be soaked in normal water in a earthen ware, wipe and then eaten after removing the skin.


Mango the king of fruits, available for nearly 3 to 4 months in India. It is said that Mangoes eaten though out the season takes care of your health for an entire year. The inside colour of Mango should normally be like shaffron. It contains water and fibre which is helpful in removing constipation.

Mango is one of the most useful fruits. Having various uses:

  • Keri pani - out of raw Mango. Link to recipe.
  • Ripened Mango - Pulp can be eaten after removing the skin, before or after food or as a breakfast. The skin can be soaked over night in a glass/ceramic/terracotta and boiled in the morning after removing the water and can be used as vegetable for making side dish by putting tadka. Even the gutli dried, broken, again dried and can be stored for 6 months. Again can be used as vegetable and prepared side dish of it. Can be used as dry vegetable, useful for certain religion, example Jains (but to be used in winter with lots of ghee in Tadka - caution). Hence Mango is useful in summer eating ripened and in winter Gutli (seeds). It is said as per tradition that this type of dish keeps the body warm in winter.


Guava should be ripened, should be breakable by pressing the fingers of one hand, ideally. Normally, to be not cut by knife. May be small insects inside. By pressing with the finger if there is insect, it will come out automatically.

Recipe using Guava:
Ingredients: Guava, Tomato, and Raw Sugar.

Four tomatoes and one medium Guava. Add sugar. Mix it in mixer. No water. Eat like Jam.
Recommended Season: Eaten throughout the year.


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