Life time opportunity to see a Living Lab in the form of cured patients ( incurable by any existing therapy) cured by just uncommon common sense.

A single person does it with no assistant. No external material in the form of medicine, with the help of Person’s Tongue, the body chemistry & body physics, changes the harmones of the individual – by combination of simple daily food-not even herbal.

It is Ultimate and not an alternative, for no such theory exists anywhere in the world. This seminar is being conducted just To Prove the Truth to the world that we have been all along fooled*.

Treatment is available for before birth ( 9 months ) & after birth and for all incurable by any other method.

It is not any NGO, nor a Charitable Trust, nor a club or Association nor any confederation, no side effects, no fees, No complements, and no hidden charges.

Nothing is given from our hand, except food prescribed to be prepared at their home by themselves.

Zero Therapy, is based on the principle, that is given on the left of their letterhead.

One may be amazed to see that the patients are scanned without any Equipment or Physical Touch – Total Scan.



Sunday, 24th February 2008



Jain Dadawadi ( Open Ground)
370, Konnur High Road, Chennai – 600012. Ph : 26446293
Car parking Facility at Daya Sadan,
(373, Konnur High Road, Chennai – 600012.)



5.00p.m – 5.30p.m


 Exhibition & Tea Time

5.40p.m – 8.30p.m


Credential of Founder



Introduction of Founder :
by Ms.Sunethra Weerasinghe ( Mother Terasa of Srilanka ).
* Sri Vipin Chand ( Founder ) Speaks

Testimonial -

* Professor of Medicine and other cured Patients speaks.
* Testimonial by cured patient ( incurable by Any other method )
* Interaction by press.

8.35p.m - Satvik Bhojan



 *Admission by Invitation Only

 Neelesh V. Bomb – 98400 85037



Chronic inflammatory multifocal demylinating


motor sensory poly neuropathy

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Memory loss




Vision Loss

Heart Blockage

Kidney Transplant







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