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Harmony within.
The art of illuminating. is the longest video website on the web by an individual be it commercial
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Attention all Zero Therapy Followers:

We are likely to hold one full day conference at Chennai, India for all Zero Therapy followers for exchanging the views so that it can benefit the mankind. If interested mail your name and postal address at

Quotes by founder, Vipin Chand Bomb:

"What matters to the body is the matter that goes into the body."
"What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body."
"Do not meddle with your body, your body knows the best."
"What we should do is what we should NOT do?"
"Cure for incurables through uncommon common sense."
"Vegetarianism spreads peace. Spread Vegetarianism for sake of world peace."
"Vegetarianism for Human Health and Animal Wealth."
"Vegetarianism, a passport to heaven."
"Definition of VEG-
   V ery
   E asy to
   G rasp by the body & the brain."
"Veg-good for mental peace."
"Vegetarianism for National Integration."
"Vegetarianism is religion common to all religion."
"Do not enforce vegetarianism follow vegetarianism and the whole world is at peace."

ZERO THERAPY - A Life Style. Harmony of Body, Mind and Soul.

Quotes: 18 - Feb - 2018
"Fami ly – jointly trying to improve the fame of every one connected is family." - Vipinchand Bomb.
"Essay and Quotation: More than four line is essay, less than three lines is a quote. An essay can be written on each quote. " - Vipinchand Bomb.

"What matters to the body is the matter that goes into the body."
"What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body."

Deccan Chronicle, 3 Jan 2011
"Do not meddle with your body, your body knows the best."
"What we should do is what we should NOT do?"

Dainik Baskar, Nagpur, India, 25 Jan 2007.

Dinmani Kadir, Chennai, India, Jun 2010.

Indian Express, 16 Feb 2009.

The Hindu, Visakhapatnam, India. 19 Sep 2010 .

Date: 17-Jun-2014
Zero Therapy "Do Nots" becomes university level research:
Our list of "Precautions - Don'ts" become focal point of research for university level all over the world. What we have been saying and proved by us, has now been accepted by the research institutions.
    1. Antibiotics given to new borns increases asthma risk.
    2. Chemicals in soap, toothpaste are tied to male infertility.

Date: 15-May-2014
Nation First:
For an organization to start or pick up an individual name is not important. Once the organization has formed and has mass base then the duty of the same founder is to grow, develop and expand the area of Influence. In such case the founder name itself is not Important at that stage. When Sri Morarji desai became PM he advised the beuracrat to give importance to the post and not Mr.Desai.- Comments by Vipinchand Bomb

Food As A Research Subject:
A request to all the universities. There are numerous subject on which research is being done. But we personally feel that none of the universities have food as the subject for research. All they have so far achieved the physical properties in the lab. A gentle request for all of them to study the inherent properties (Emotional balance) on human beings like the behavior, the contentment, the enlightenment etc.
Vipinchand Bomb is available for any help absolutely free of cost! - Comments by Vipinchand Bomb

Young men & Old men
Young men think old men fools
Old men “KNOWS” young men fools. – Said by an Old Man
Old men think young men fools
Young men “KNOWS” old men fools. – Said by a Young Man

Date: 12-May-2014
News for all star hotel chefs:
Perhaps Zero Therapy Recipes are the only recipes without onion, garlic, curd and lemon. These recipes are based on healthy Marwadi traditional food useful for business community, most time saving, easily store able. Click here to see those....

Why one should go against the nature ?
Duty of human being is to be with the nature. The nature is full of Yin and Yang, expansion and contraction. People are born, born to die. The world goes on and on. We have no business to disturb.

A must for children (teenagers)
Children must be more serious in studies and education, creativity, art, culture and should not aim at earning money till they complete their education. The time will always show the way. The opportunity must be grabbed at that time. No doubt planning is a must but early planning before time itself is not correct. The reason is that the planning need to be changed with respect to change of time.

Date: 30-Apr-2014
If one has to improve the level of mind, body and soul, first and foremost requirement is that he must be a great thinker.

If a leaf falls from a tree one will start thinking if he is keen observer. A great thinker will start giving homework to the brain all the time when ever he sees a new phenomenon. For example if a leaf falls - observation to think. Leaf is dry, leaf is wet, on which side it falls will give the wind direction, the air temperature. Depending on the direction, the air temperature will necessarily change. So much to think for one small disturbance.

Thinking starts from the mind. Mind gives the extra thinking which change the structure of the body in the long run.

Probably this may give homework to your brain. - Vipinchand Bomb.
28 April 2014, Monday Session Video cover more on this..

Spiritual Power
Everyday every time same word from same person will have different vibrations. If the opposite person is a great thinker, he can understand the hidden bhavana of the person by that single word, without going for further conversation.

Date: 18-Apr-2014
All seasonal fruits are good for particular geography where it is grown. In a way its nature's remedy for the body but care must be taken for selection to see that the fruits are grown under natural conditions.
Click here to read more....

Date: 12-Apr-2014 EARN & SPEND:
As long as the needs are met it is not ‘Parigrah’. As the man’s want increases do not invest in immovable things thinking of it as a security, the universe will take care of it. If a seed has to worry about security it will never be able to grow the plant, it will lie under the earth. Earn & spend on good things.

Date: 20-Mar-2014
Zero Zindagi Recipes have just been added under categories: UPMA & SEVAI VARIETIES, DOSA VARIETIES, POWDERS, ACCOMPANIMENTS TO RICE, VADA VARIETIES and SOME USEFUL TIPS. To give you a peek, let me tell you that there is Molaga Podi, Rasam Powder and Curry Powder under 'POWDERS' category and, 'Healthy way to make tea' and 'A snack to go with tea' under 'SOME USEFUL TIPS' Category.
Click here to see those....

Following are all the categories:

Date: 19-Feb-2014
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” – Albert Einstein Courtesy Readers Digest
Unfortunately our founder VipinChand Bomb has mystic intuition & experience intuition as told by Mr.Mukundan, Researcher & Trainer on Palmistry. Hence no value for such people.

Date: 31-Jan-2014
Never supress the truth:
Truth should never be suppressed. Spread the truth so much that Jooth(Lie) vanishes automatically. Sardar Patel was deserving but truth was suppressed. Many times deserving personality do not get the attention it deserve. It amounts to suppression of truth.

Date: 17-Jan-2014
Discipline in life:
Discipline is must in life. One is supposed to sit on the chair not on the table. Sitting on the table is audacity. Every item is to be used for what it is meant for.

Date: 03-Jan-2014
Many heads but one brain:
Too many cooks spoil the broth. For any organization there should be many heads but brain should be one. If every one in the organization becomes the brain then organization will stop. It applies to joint family too. - Comments Vipin Chand Bomb

Energy at home:
To maintain harmony in life & in profession the vital force is important, vital force is as much important for individual body as it is for harmony in the family and outside. The generator for this force is a must in family in the form of either a pet animal or a child who has not yet learnt to talk. The vital force is at it's highest level in the child before it starts speaking. One common factor for these two is that they cannot communicate in the language but they transfer and transform energy in their own way. A pet animal or child keeps touching or playing with all the members of the family and in the process the energy is transformed in the family members.
Moral: Have a pet animal or child for the successful life at home and in the profession. - Comments Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 03-June-2013
The principle behind any ISM is the same. ISM means a doctrine which has to be proved. If any theory get proved it gets the ISM automatically from the nature. For example Buddhism, Jainism, vegetarianism. The principle are identical in any ISM just the names differ. It is up to you to follow any of these principles, ultimately it is the same. One should not fight for the sake of religion in the name of religion.  The idol of Jain God or Buddha God is reflects peace and it is now found as part of the modern interior decoration. - Vipin Chand Bomb

The reason for not raining in chennai is perhaps due to the exhaust of the vehicles and the centralized air conditioned plants. Whole pollution goes into the air and the moisture is dried up with this waste. Hence this may be the reason it is not raining in Chennai. Perhaps when the moisture is more than the pollution then it rains. -Vipin Chand Bomb  

It's my personal experience that my lecture in variably on certain dates are excellent probably on those dates the energy is at peak.  The date are 6,15,19,24,28. The total of these is either 6 or 1. May my birth date 15/04/1944 the sum of it is 10 which is 1 as per numerology and the date on which I was born is 15 i.e., 15 1+5=6. -Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 03-May-2013

Zero Zindagi Recipes have just been added under categories: SOUPS,   CHUTNEYS / DIPS / SAUCE   and   SNACKS / SAVOURIES.
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Breaking News!!! Amazing Zero Therapy Impact!!!
Successful Campaign by Zero Therapy results in new train from Chennai to Rajasthan.
Train to Bikaner via Nagpur (for Bhadravati teerth) was proposed by Zero Therapy. Zero Therapy campaigned for fully air conditioned train. Both proposals exactly accepted. This is the first and only train to Rajasthan owned by Southern Railway, others are owned by different railways.
The next phase of Zero Therapy campaign is already on - Vegetarian Pantry and making it a Daily. Its high time our society learned to give credit where it is due.

Now you may also watch the Sunday Special Videos in Weekly sessions Videos page!!!!

Date: 24-January-2013

Recipes of Zero Therapy are now online. Look here. New Recipes are being added under various categories like


Date: 14-January-2013

From: Navjeet Singh khichi
To: ""
Sent: Saturday, January 5, 2013 8:22 AM
Subject: magical zero therpy

I am Seema from Melbourne and feeling so good to share all my magical experiences that I have experienced after following zero therapy. Zero therapy is in fact a magical therapy and worked out for me as a miracle. Till date i did not have any chance to see uncle and we only have phone conversations. I remember last year in May I called up uncle for the first time as I was going through many problems. Doctors out here were suspecting for me to have TB and for precautionary measures asked me to stop feeding my 9 month old baby. And I was very tensed and then I just called up uncle and just listening to my voice uncle told me that i have neither TB nor do I have parathyroid. And asked me to put some zero therapy items in my diet. And I did the same and kept feeding my baby without any problem.
Uncle have saved me from a lot of trouble which i could have gone through. It’s not only me, actually my husband and my baby too.

Once I had severe cold and I couldn’t understand why was that so as I was following zero therapy diet only . I rang uncle and I told him what I had last few days but then I forgot to tell him that I had rice with ghee. so uncle told me that you had this and I was just shocked how come he knew and then he gave me the treatment.

Another time when I had cold I didn’t know the reason so I rang uncle and then uncle himself told me that I had oiled my wet hair and again i was surprised how did he knew all this.
Once my baby had cold and cough. and that caused me two days and nights trouble he was unable to sleep and very uncomfortable. I told uncle all my diet menu for last two days. But I just forgot to name only half date which I gave to my baby and Again this time uncle said me that I gave my baby a half date. Amazingly he even didn’t talked to my baby.

Now in September 2012 I had a big lump in my left breast and it was very painful. I rang uncle and he just ask me to wait for 2 days. But again I rang him as i really had very unbearable condition. So I rang him and then he said me to take long breath and massage. The lump was really very big almost 2 and half inch and pain was just unbearable. I started doing as per uncle. But my hubby was really tensed as he couldn’t see me in that painful condition and just to make him a bit relaxed in that situation we went to emergency department. As I explained my situation to them they asked me to take two painkillers and then only they will examine me thoroughly. Actually this is the normal procedure at the emergency department here. Everybody who comes in pain has to take tablets before they were further examined by the specialist. But then I refused to take the pills and we came back home and I just assure my hubby with all my heart that just wait for only 2 days as uncle said. But he was really very tensed so he already took appointment with the doctors after 2 days again. But i was very sure that i will be fine with zero therapy only and no other medicine or therapy can help me. So after 2 days i felt much better but still pain was there. So uncle this time ask me to take some other thing. And he said me don’t worry you are out of danger. The problem could be a big one. But again I went to see the doctor just only to keep my in laws and my hubby relaxed and this time doctors prescribed me antibiotics course. And ask me to see her after ultra sound. I didn’t take single antibiotics but i had to go for ultra sound. And in the mean time I was just having what uncle told me and after 2 days there was no lump on that area. When I went to see the doc she said me that antibiotics has done its work and me and my husband we just smiling as it was not the antibiotics but uncles zero therapy that worked out for me . If I told her she wouldn’t have believed me so i just kept silence

After 2-3 weeks of this incident I started feeling dizziness and out of breath and I had lots of white discharge problem. And I had no capacity to stand or work or look after my baby or husband. This time my mother and father in laws was here in Melbourne and I had to take care of them also but I didn’t had a little bit stamina to open my eyes. So my in laws wanted my husband to take me to doctor and got my complete blood test done. But I just had faith in uncle and his magical zero therapy so I rang uncle and explained him my situation. Uncle told me that all this is due to my periods problem and then he said me the reason for that is I didn’t have no blood in my body this time I was not shocked how come he knew but my in laws were definitely shocked when the blood test result also said the same thing.

My husband was having tobacco since 17 years. But when I had lump problem then uncle asked me to ask my husband quit tobacco as it was affecting my health. So he tried his best and thanks to uncle now he doesn’t have tobacco in any form. As he was quitting tobacco it was a very hard time for him now. He had tonsil in throat and swelling. I rang uncle and I just thanked uncle for making my husband quit tobacco. Before I could explain the problem of my husband uncle told me that as now he is quitting tobacco he will have all such problems and I said yes uncle this is what he is going through now. Uncle told me for change in his diet.

And then I could not talk to uncle as he went for out of station for some time. Here my husband swelling and pain was just doubling up and my husband felt a lump inside his throat so he wanted an instant relief for the pain. We went to the doctor. Doctor said that it is a viral and bacterial infection and you have puss in tonsil so prescribed my husband antibiotics. My hubby took 120 tablets of it. And still he the problem was not gone as he stopped antibiotics his swelling and terrible pain came back so then he saw other doctor. That doctor gave him steroids and said this is the last option we can do for you unless we have to operate if its not get fixed. So we were tensed. Now I was much tensed and rang uncle. He came back and I explained uncle all the situation. Even uncle was shocked for the amount of pills my hubby took. But so kindness of uncle he said me to give him zero therapy items to his diet.
Now my husband also thought that pills are not working for him and he already witnessed the magic I had in my life due to zero therapy. So he asked me to put ghee in his nose just believing in uncle’s theory. But I didn’t wanted to do that as uncle didn’t tell me this. But then my husband make me realize that I could not explain uncle where the lump was and he said ghee is used in zero therapy as treatment so just do it as he was already having a zero therapy food that time and that 3 -4 dose worked as a miracle and saved my hubby to undergo operation.

So I really have no words to thank uncle.

He is so great and i will always be grateful to him for all his help and kindness.

All this magic happened and just incredible that he did not even see me or saw my tongue. Thanks a lot uncle.

Note: Ghee should not be put into nostrils nor any item should go in to ear, eyes or nose, these three orgrans is not suppose to accept anything from outside except the mouth. - Vipin Chand Bomb
If anybody wishes to share their experience they may mail their experience to

Date: 22-December-2012
Food is an essential part of the body and it must for the body. The food of the muscle is Fat, bones are covered by muscle and hence fat is must for body. Nobody can do away without fat.

Date: 15-December-2012
Everytime a man breaths out he not only releases carbondioxide, he releases the BHAVANA of the person and that can help or damage other person who inhales (Exhale of the opposite person).

Date: 05-November-2012
Vegetarianism: Any ISM is based on strong proven principles. It is like a doctrine and hence it is truth. Many people get confused in the name of religion and protest in various ways of hurting the feelings of others.

Vegetarianism in my (Vipin Chand Bomb) opinion is a religion by itself common to all religion where one is not suppose to hurt the feelings of others but at the same time propagate the principles of Vegetarianism.

Many people protest thinking that they will get punya. Punya is not to be earned, nevertheless it does come by good karmas. Do karmas and don’t expect karmaphal.

If one is interested in jivadaya let them open animal welfare centre (Gaushala & Small Zooz) or eco-friendly atmosphere for birds to rest or do some good work for the benefit of animals & birds.

Nature will take care of everything right or wrong. – Comments Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 02-November-2012
BONDING: For a bonding in a family one needs three things attachment to the family, sacrifice and responsibility. If these three things are there in a family it goes in a long way and it improves the aura of all the people available in the house and in turn of the entire house. One is concerned about the other that is sort of attachment. Sacrifice is when you are happy to part with which is the major and essential part. The senior member has to part with what is got and get happiness in turn. Sorting and happiness is not sacrifice it is just a mental compromise. In a sacrifice both the parties, the person who gives is happy the person who takes is also happy. Each one has to from the child to the eldest member of the family their responsibility. Moreover everyone must eat one type of food only, one place only that brings bonding amongst family members. – Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 31-October-2012
AHIMSA:People normally talk Ahimsa in the name of religion. When the word was born the birth word is “HINSA” and it is not a subject to talk because HINSA cannot be avoided in everyday walk of life. There is HINSA When one talks, closes door, switching on the air conditioner, going for procession, switching on light, so it is not a subject to talk, only when we die the HINSA closes and again the HINSA is born with the rebirth, prefix and suffix are all added later. So ASHIMA is the later form of HINSA and hence it is not a subject to talk about which is beyond our control. HINSA is born with birth, people think slaughtering is HINSA, it is one of the HINSA of the daily part of HINSA. Many people make AHIMSA as a platform. We are talking here of HINSA– Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 27-October-2012
Advice for Parents: Normally children play with each other in family (Brothers & Sisters)parent think they are fighting which is not, each kid wants to invite other kid to join for play and fun. – Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Advice for children: Not to play with solid and hard materials, metal pieces, etc. Just to play with soft material and concentrate on playing on games maybe indoor/outdoor games. It is better to play games rather than sit in front of the idiot box & in front of the PC. Children must eat breakfast, lunch and evening food (Supper or dinner as the case may be). – Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 25-October-2012
Most people turn to so called spirituality (this is my experience) having failed in personal life either in business & career or family life. – Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 23-October-2012
There is a lot of difference in Prayer and Mantra, Prayer is invocation of God and Mantra is for pleasing the subordinates of God (Devi/Devata). A person cannot pray for the benefit of any individual, but one can pray for universal peace and humanity. What you sow so shall you reap. One has to suffer as per his karma. Nobody can help not even God. Because for God everyone is same. - Comments Vipin Chand Bomb

Date: 13-August-2012
Essence of Zero Therapy is not a treatment, it is shrinking desire, shrinking wants, curtailing needs detachment to the money but attachment to the work, work which produces money attachment is important, but not hoarding money, spending and spending for the good cause for betterment of life on lifestyle without vices. – Comments by VipinChand Bomb

Energy comes from the field which you love; it is always advisable to select the field, job or profession that you love. Just for the sake of money one should not change the business. Everyone is advisable to have one hobby and it’s better to have business which is your hobby. At the beginning hobby cost you money and over a period of time hobby starts giving you money. So hobby becomes an investment for making money. Provided the hobby is legal and also accepted by the religion. – Comments by VipinChand Bomb

Date: 11-August-2012
Antibiotic: The antibiotic in any body is the happiness, harmony in the family, if there is disharmony the body immunity goes down and no amount of medicine, or no medicine or Zero Therapy cannot also help. – Comments by VipinChand Bomb

Effects of not opening up: When a person wants to tell something but due to social obligation or due to fear of elders if he doesn’t tell it is bound to affect his health more it affects the heart, one of the reason for heart problem is this because your thoughts are suppressed and that suppression becomes the disease. One has to live as he likes to live in the process not to affect the surrounding. He has got his own choice to live. Animals are like this if they don’t like the atmosphere they get away from there, animal never stays where the atmosphere / environment is not suitable. Consult wife children and decide what he wants to achieve or what he wants to prove it. Never be afraid of elders in taking such decisions after one or two years of marriage because before two years you maybe immature after three years you are not immature. One has got all right to live as he likes. Research has now proved that heart is run by the brain and it the emotional balance that takes care of the heart. Heart gets the signal all the time only from brain. Brain is again to an extent connected to the mind, rather maximum extent only mind. Indirectly mind runs the heart. All this is applicable only for vegetarian body. – Comments by VipinChand Bomb

Date: 06-August-2012
Motivation: Motivation is the word derived similar to “locomotive”. Locomotive is running the train. Without that the train may not run, so also motivation needs somebody to ignite. As a matter of fact fully nobody can ignite anybody, it has to come from the self, to teach you that it is to come from self is motivation. Nobody can motivate anybody but they can show you how you can motivate yourself. All the talk of somebody is motivating somebody, lectures on motivation all are rubbish, you have to impress upon that each person is born with builtin ignition and that ignition can be ignited by talk, the ignition switch is within you and that you have to learn. It is like looking for God outside is no use, God is residing in you similarly motivation is with you. And you have to take a subject which you love, don’t select the subject just because someone is successful in that. If you have love for that subject “just love” you will get motivated easier and you will be successful in that line. Rather than jumping into that line just because somebody else is successful, never do that. Find out what exactly is your internal desire, pick up that subject, automatically motivation will come. The sub conscious will tell you what to do, where to go, how to go about and using the sub conscious is nothing but motivation. - Vipinchand Bomb

Mantra of Success: The basic principle is never make the opposite person unhappy but nevertheless in the process try to make the opposite person happy. If you want to make the opposite person happy you have to compromise on principle that you are not suppose to. Retain our principle and not to compromise on other's principle that will make a man successful in his life. - Vipinchand Bomb

Date: 02-August-2012
Choumasa (Chaturmas): Choumasa comes and goes, the public comes spends money and goes, the result is you are where you are, where you were. The result is tremendous amount of money spent for non-productive work. Food is offered to people who can afford to offer others and in turn it’s of no use at all. Moreover there is a fashion that saints have started speaking on Dampatya jeevan and harmony in life, husband wife to some together, he would talk on married life which he is not suppose to talk because he is out of this world and he doesn’t know about this world. When you don’t know the subject, then you have no business to talk about this subject. Their subject is not Society but it should be truth, ahimsa, non-violence and not worldly related subject. – Vipinchand Bomb

Date: 12-July-2012
CANCER: Cancer is nothing but the survival of the fittest. If the dead cell is powerful it kills you and if the live cell are powerful then it can save you, the more you take chemotherapy to kill the dead cell, the live cell also get killed in this process chances of survival is less. The only solution is the rate of growth of live cell must be faster than the dead cell and that can be possible by food & food & food and lifestyle. – Vipinchand Bomb

Date: 03-July-2012
Egoism are of two types one is “Abhiman” and one is “Swabhiman”,Having Abhiman is not right, but having Swabhiman is right, otherwise the concept will not develop. If you are very egoistic that you are honest, there is nothing wrong because you are honest for the subject, so Egoism in a way is must at least by that people will try to be honest by seeing you honest. If you are true to your job that “I am honest” that type of egoism is must that is the cause for the development of the country. But “I have done it, I am, I ” that is the real egoism which is the culprit that has to be avoided. Egoism is gift provided by nature, it up to you how to use it, you can it to uplift or put down people - Comments by VipinChand

Don’t compromise on the principle:
When the question of principle comes stand like a rock don’t make compromise, follow the principle of Tiger however hungry he is he will not eat grass - Comments by VipinChand

LEARNINGIt’s better to learn and while learning earn,
L E A R N = E A R N

Assume = Making the ASS of U and ME

Zero Therapy is opening the subject for research university:
, Zero Therapy is opening the subject for research university each one of our topic is becoming research subject, in fact it has become because many people have started doing research on curd, sprouted, tooth paste, ghee now is almost accepted as medicine, whatever is “NO” in our site is a subject of research in the university abroad - Comments by VipinChand

A man ultimate goal is happiness, peace all that because one is having satisfaction, but in my opinion all this are built in either you get happiness for peace, peace gives you satisfaction all that put together in one capsule it is contentment. If you are contented all this comes automatically and for contentment food is the basic raw material, like Zero Therapy food that only gives you contentment – Comments by VipinChand

The mantra of happiness is shopping and shopping and shopping. Spending money spending money not on vices but on handicrafts and item which make your family happy. Handicrafts means ceramics, wood, teak wood, rose wood, sandalwood not plywood, cotton, painting, kamalkaari and many more which gives job to the artisans. Why one gets happiness is when you buy you are sharing your joy with the person who is making it you making him come up in his life monetarily, and one should not buy machine made item. When I spend money on the other man because it’s my hobby and the other man spends on another person if it’s his hobby and so on the same money get into rotation in no time without hoarding without having to put the money in the locker. So spending money makes everyone happy but certainly not on cigarette, alcohol and other vices. Another aspect is spouse must appreciate the other partner in spending money and vice versa and at the time of buying the spouse must take into account the choice of the partner and every time the best happiness is derived when family sits together and enjoys the spending together.
We would like to share our experience in Colombo Srilanka, we were six zero therapy people and we bought ceramics, tea, semi-precious stones and we cannot describe the pleasure we had in spending the time and the money. One has to experience this by spending money rather than just reading it -Comments by VipinChand

Posted in Facebook on 01/06/2012
Zero Therapy is the subject which has come from the universe, it cannot be learnt by individual for all this the universe decides where to throw this science to whom and when to start. This is subject will come up only when everybody is disgruntle by the modern medical science, then only this will have its dawn, right now it’s not the time. Never the less this science is put in the universe anybody can take it whenever they want. It’s a science of self-experience and not for preaching - Founder Zero Therapy

Did anyone feel the summer in Chennai is hot, hotter than the normal?? Never we have seen 40 degree Centigrade and above for a long time. Did anyone think of the reason? May be it’s on account of meddling with nature in the form of surface to Air Missile, rocket missile, launching the space vehicle, scientist must have noted that any time we meddle with the nature its either rain or extra heat in the atmosphere near the spot depending on the direction of the wind. May be this heat in Chennai over 40 Degree centigrade is on account of missile launched during past 15 days - Founder Zero Therapy

Leadership: Leadership starts from the person who has the capacity of sacrificing for others, if he loses he takes the blame on himself, if wins he gives the credit to others, you have to sacrifice your name, fame, money, time, ulterior or selfish motive. One should have a mission. Only very few can become leader others are so called leader. "In a way it is depended on the previous birth karma"
Leadership alone will not work without team, meaning of team as I Vipinchand said is Together total Energy in Achieving the Moments goals - Founder Zero Therapy

Family Business Income: Family Business is the best type of income one should have because it is directly related to the individual effort not based on the efforts of outsider. And hence the source of income becomes utmost right. One more reason for success of family business is one of the blood relatives become purchase officer, sales officers, Operations, Accounts officer, PRO,etc, even eat togehter on the same table. It is advisable to eat together in the same table same time - Founder Zero Therapy

Senior Citizen I being a senior citizen want to give advice not to expect much from the juniors. Senior Citizen have got to give love & affection to their juniors (Son, Daughter) & sub junior (Grandson & granddaughter) For all this health is the most important point. From time to time give them the tips with experience in the form of anecdotes. It is advised for Senior Citizen not to ask for grand children in the form of pressure to their children. Let them have their own way in personal family affair and leave it to the couple - Founder Zero Therapy

Convincing For convincing the most important factor is conviction within himself. If one wants to convince for the sake of convincing it is of no use at all. Once a man is convinced the strong conviction makes the opposite person convinced, It is not just the object that gets convinced but it is the subject behind the object gets one convinced - Founder Zero Therapy 

Nature never does any fury or calamity as already said earlier in the site, may be, may be the earth quake you recently saw in all probability the reaction of some testing the ocean in the back yard of Tamil Nadu and today 18-04-2012 weather is extraordinary cloudy which is not there generally in summer. Let's see what the effect is when Agni is fired. – Vipinchand

Joint family is the best system and tradition, but sometimes when people think the elasticity is reached its maximum & hence it's better to break away rather than wait for the elasticity to break in to two. Hence the solution lies in the couple. But anyway in the nuclear family the children should be sent to their grandparents or the grandparents should visit often & inculcate the Sanskar. - Vipinchand 

Jokes No life without wife, wife is knife to life.
At the time marriage wife looks like butter, then improves better and then retire is become bitter - These jokes are just for fun not to my personal experience – Vipinchand

It is better to share one new joke between the couple to keep the harmony at the best. - Vipinchand

Honesty need not be the policy because it pays, if it is the policy that pays then you are not honest
Reason: One expects return for the honesty. One should be honest because one has to be honest. Sometimes honest person suffer in this birth, rather he pays for being honest but that should not deter from being honest. - Vipinchand Bomb

Snake doesn't have ears and people think they can control it with the music. Some people are under the wrong impression that snake that can be controlled, but it’s not the music but vibration of the music that controls the snake. - Vipinchand Bomb

Art is inborn not taught, but it can be practised in life at home and improvement can be made for the inborn artist. Art cannot be injected. There are various types’ art sculptor, writer, painter, ceramic art, paper art, singing, dancing, etc - Vipinchand Bomb

Zero Therapy goes beyond food-hitherto known as food therapy. It goes hi-tech on philosophy. It is not only the food that matters but little beyond that. This theory is applicable for spouse, what one breath out (Exhale) becomes breathe in (Inhale) for other spouse. Between the spouses the exhale of one of the spouse becomes the inhale of the other spouse. If the negative breath of one of the spouse is comparatively powerful then it can affects downwards side of other spouse in terms of health, business, socials. Similarly powerful positive breath out of the spouse can improve the health, business, social on the upward side of the other spouse.

The exhale of the person has got built in thought for the other person. The simple reason is that each breath out (EXHALE) has powerful ‘bhavana’. This art has been used in winning the opposite person. Now it’s purely uncommon, yet it is common sense. The husband wife should sleep in the posture of 63 and not 36. 63 is facing each other and 36 is not facing each other.

In business if one has to convince it is advisable to have one to one talk in close rooms without any assistant, so that their thoughts does not affect the individual party involved. It is the reason for many committee and commission failing to get result because it is not one to one.

Moral: Among the partner, both the partner should have 100% positive things (it is positively related to positive food as mentioned in our site) and hence positive exhale automatically. And buy doing this health, wealth, status, social can be improved of each partner. It reminds me of law “Every intention has got a reaction” – VipinChand Bomb

Tradtional saree for women gives feminine look, other than saree does not gives feminine look – Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Posted in Facebook on 31/12/2011
In the present day of heavy competition it seems a day will come when education will lose it’s importance and which is right in my opinion. When there is competition, in the long run, for success time plays a vital role. Ex: a man goes for MBA, PHD etc etc, look at the time he spends is getting the bookish knowledge which will certainly change, when he/she practically apply in life, the things will be different from what he studies due to the time factor for studies. Now a 10th or +2 goes for specialised subject he certainly get the current knowledge and he grow physically, mentally and gets knowledge depending on the current factors. The moral of the story is go for specialised knowledge after +2 and not to go for bookish knowledge - Vipinchand

Posted in Facebook on 21/12/2011
Synopsis of Monday meeting dt 19.12.2011:
  • Vipin Chand Bomb law: Every intention has got a reaction and this intention creates future and it can ripe in this birth or in future births.
  • Depending upon the intention, karma is either credited or debited, the intention are two types, credit and debit. We are by virtue of past karma we are enjoying the present, let the present level improve on the credit side by good intentions.
  • Dharma is truth and nobody need to save dharma because dharma itself is so powerful that it can take care of itself and hence to save dharma there need not to be any fight. There should not be any violence in name of dharma, dharma itself is non-violence.
  • Every religion head says that one must have good thoughts, please believe thoughts is not a stock to be stocked, all the thoughts are direct relations to "what matters to the body is the matter goes to the body.
  • If one want material and knowledge value to be put in his shelf, he will not improve his level of self realization.
  • Good intention and bad intention both creates aura in human beings and even in animals, all depends on The intention. Advice: See that individual aura improves and once it happens then he can get his work done without talking and without action (provided it's not for destruction)
  • The best help for near and dear is to give the right advice and not offer materialistic value.
  • Family relation in India: Head of a family is advised not to be figure head but he must be genuinely concerned about the all other family members. This truly requires great sacrifice on the part of head and the spouse.
  • Every child in the family to be taught to be concern and caring to the members of family. One way to groom them is to teach them to give gifts among the family members.
  • It is said the life of human being without unnatural chemicals is around 120 years and in present if one is careful the life is 70 years
  • If one has to have harmony in the house one has to learn from the dog and cat who survives together in the same home inspite of being carnivores.
  • Tea party is the tension reliever than milk party and coffee party. Reason milk is drunk and tea is sipped
If a person loves shopping, that means he has a hidden selfish motive of making himself happy by spending money on others.
My hobby is to spend on hospitality related products - Vipin Chand

Posted in Facebook on 30/11/2011
Expense (Ex-pense)- Ex stands for Exit, pense stands for money (Penny). Money goes out is Expense - Vipin chand

If one is closer to the In-laws, means spouse are in harmony with each other. A day might come when he/she will be introduced by not parental name & fame but by In-laws name & fame - Vipin Chand

The person behind the inspiration is my close friends.....

One should not grudge spending money on personality, management, time saving but certainly not on habits. - Vipin Chand

Posted in Facebook on 17/11/2011
Synopsis of the Monday Meeting dt. 14.11.11
Difference between Sathya (Truth) & Sach (True) appearing shortly.


Monsoon, North East Monsoon, Seasonal Rain, Man-made rain, Rain on account of meddling with nature

Nature taking remedial measure against distortion of nature

The rain what we have seen on Wednesday on the 16th Nov 2011, does not look like North East monsoon rain, the past experience shows this as correct. Whenever a missile is launched, spacecraft is sent in orbit or rocket failed to take off because of the difference in temperature on account of all these (3000 degree on one side & atmospheric temperature on the other side) creates low pressure in the sea, invariably heavy rain takes place after the test. The distance of the place where the rain occurs may vary from the intensity and the site of the test. The test was carried on Tuesday, the clouds were formed on Tuesday, the rain occurred in Chennai on Wednesday night. The remnants clouds were there till Thursday morning. All scientist might have been aware and may be pretending to be unaware. If really unaware...
One can check the rain data for past several years the test at Orrisa, Sulurpet and the test in the mid-sea. The Prithvi (Earth) gives out Agni (fire) and the damage is taken care by rain. Agni (Fire) pollutes the atmosphere and the remedy is rain. The difference between natural rain & man made rain is that in natural rain there is lightening, sound, bombardment, Intensity of the rain is almost uniform, whereas the man-made rain normally there is no bursting of clouds, sound, and the drops are thicker because they have to bring the pollution down as seen I last two days 16th & 17th Nov 2011. - by Vipinchand


All the problems in the world come from Desire. The best religion is shrink once desire: Desire can be Wants, Materialistic, comfort. All problems starts only when the desires have no limitation & from the self-fish motive. One who wants to put in his self. The solution is desire must have limitation. – By Vipinchand

Every item in the world sentient or non-sentient releases a heat in the universe along with it sends vibrations. Only those vibrations run the world. Each item when releases heat takes vibration & gives vibration. Not only the item sends vibrations the thoughts also sends vibration in the universe... Again I want to remind about my law “Every intention has got a reaction” – Vipinchand

Vipinchand Bomb’s Law: Every intention has got a reaction; the reaction is through the universe.
Every intention has got a Bhavana roughly known as thoughts, each intention has a different type of energy that goes into the universe and comes back in the form of reaction. It will take some more time for the scientist to find out or may not even be able to find out at all. The reason is intention cannot be proved by science, intention is to be experienced
If anybody wants to help anybody, The intention to help reaches the opposite man (to whom he wants to help) the intention to help goes into the universe and that in turn gives ideas to that opposite person, the ideas help him to achieve whatever the intention was .
One has to practise all this in life but the foremost factor for all this is soul has to be pure and for the purity of soul the food is the most important factor. – Vipinchand Bomb

The sole director for the play is karma, and the characters of the play are sentient and non-sentient (Jeev and Ajeev) example, human beings, animals, stone, river, mountain, entire nature. The individual karma and the collective karma decides the action and reaction. We are not supposed to bother about the furits, the karma gives the furits, happiness, unhappiness, punishment and one has to do only purushart (Human Efforts - Purusha means person or self Artha means aim or goal of human life) and not bother about the ‘karmafal’.

Tips of good health: Whenever a person feel like urinating, one should not hold or postpone for whatever reason, May he is in meeting, discussion, etc which is not very important compared to urinating immediately.
The reason: The sediments in the urine becomes stone over a period which disturbs the gallbladder or the kidney by way of overstraining the organs. Similarly stool should not be stopped for any reason, one and the most important reason for piles is this. When one stops the stool pressure is developed that becomes gas, gas dries the stool and dried stool doesn’t allow the stool behind to get out.

There is law which everyone is aware “Every action has reaction….. Equal and opposite indirection, Vipinchand Bomb would like to go a bit further: Bomb’s Law - Every intention (thoughts) has got a reaction…. Basically it’s a thought energy which creates reaction in the universe. Probably medicine may also have a reaction in this fashion – Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Duty of a good husband

Purushart- ???

Reason: Men are born to make everyone happy, the requirement is sacrifice for himself so that the maximum output of the purushart is enjoyed by the family. He has to sacrifice personal time for the sake of work, jewellery, bandha (But decorum needed by the business like watch, specs, attire should not be sacrificed). First men have to make their better half happy, then the children and then the parents and then the society, then the nation……. We don’t cover smaller points which the husbands are aware. One small advice for the wives is not to disturb the husband in business at the same time expect to cooperate in respect of business. Comments by Vipinchand Bomb

Stomach! Stomach!! Stomach!!! - The Culprit the Stomach!!!!

SAINT: Many a times many families which are very poor and not able to have two times sqaure meals,one of the family member sacrifices himself or herself to become saint or preacher and inturn get alms/offerings from the devotees and they send it to thier family for encashing to fill their stomach.

GOVERNMENT OFFICER: A honest officer gets corrupted to feed the stomach of his wife and childern when he is not able to feed the family with the salary he gets.

POLITICIAN: A politician gets corrupted because he has big stomach and not limit for elasticity

BUSINESSMAN: A Businessman gets corrupted to feed the stomach of his family people.

STOMACH: The stomach also get corrupted on account of not having control on individual tongue.

-Over a cup of tea with Vipin Chand Bomb

Why Idol worshipping is good?

Everyone needs to have a faith in God, maybe any God (according to his religion). Till we reach the stage of Phd at spiritual level where one can talk to God without any idol. We need an object for concentration and the best form is Idol. When we think the idol is God we get inspiration and some sort of peace, the reason “The Faith”. Over a period many people worship the idol with faith the idol itself get some power and once you go into the aura of the idol we are able to concentrate better, feel better and get peace in life. - Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Vipinchand Bomb is being invited to Srilanka for lecture on "Vegetarianism" and another lecture on "Cure without medicine" tentatively on 3rd December 2011. Friends who are interested in accompanying may get in touch with us.


Corruption is eruption of wrong values in life. Values cannot be measured in monetary terms whereas value is always measured in monetary terms. In my opinion, values are not monetary as the world thinks One has to be disciplined in life like not even crossing yellow line on the road, not breaking the queue while buying the ticket, not pushing fellow travellers, not paying under table for children's education. Buying education by paying extra under the table means the education and qualification itself is corrupted. In business we should not avoid paying dues to the government, however tax planning can be done. One should give right material and not compromise on the quality while selling…

One must be very sincere to spouse not twisting the facts about personal life, like going to ciemna or ......... or ........ or ...... and saying very busy in business, all this evolves to corruption and all we talk money money in corruption. If one follows the uncorrupted lifestyle the monetary corruption will never arise for there will be no wants (demand) and hence no necessity for corruption (supply). No scope for corruption.

If one says something and means something else, it amounts to corruption. I am reminded of my quote ‘Diplomacy – Where talking and meaning differs’ (Law for Politician is to mend, bend and if fail amend) - Comments from Vipin Chand Bomb

Vipin Chand Bomb is on the Facebook.

Vipin Chand Bomb, founder of Zero Therapy is on facebook. It gets updated almost daily. Following is the synopsis from the facebook.

Posted in Facebook on 22/08/2011
Most of the cultured Indian traditional family, the father becomes the surya grahan and on account of that the output of the younger generation is not what it should be(its like machinery not working at installed capacity). - Vipin chand Bomb

One should work work work but not to the extent of becoming workaholic and at one point when mind becomes tired of course the body doesn’t become tired, this is my (Vipinchand Bomb) personal experience that I used to diagnose 150 patient per day and talk to 200 people per day and that used to give me energy that time but now if same people talk the energy is drained, the reason mind is overworked. The solution for such person is to have one hobby - Vipin Chand Bomb

The solution by Vipin Chand Bomb for increasing concentration:
First and foremost point
One should have detachment from materialistic value which of course is not easy
One must have a switch in the mind which can be switched on and switched off whenever required, this is of fundamental basic of concentration.
Example: when one is talking business first we should switch off everything else other than immediate business, not bothered about the bank balance, about the worker, work loss, micro managing business, Just be in the ground what is required, if one wants to play cricket he must be in the cricket ground and not think about the football ground, one has to shut off everything else to remaining in the arena.
Sorry gentle man firstly. Keep off all unnecessary thing before the subject starts, like when we want to negotiate keep off the liquids like coffee, tea, water and laptops phones should be off, and all unnecessary things that disturbs materialistic or physical and both should be off within that arena, eye to eye contact, watching the body language, just be yourself and the subject.
Above all the person who wants to concentrate should go for stool twice a day, morning and evening. It is also my experience that Zero Therapy body goes for stool morning and evening, not twice in the morning.

Meditation :
Meditation in my opinion is nothing but selling a concept. Mediation in my opinions is nothing but detachment and when one this happen a person is able to meditate anywhere any place.
As I am today I want to share my experience:
I had never set a target in my life, the result is I am happy, very happy, no failures much better that yesterday.
Advice for young generation:
Work work work fruitful , not to drain the energy do the work of your choice not to listen to your parents if it is choice of your business, of course in other respect your parents.
All this point comes from uncommon common sense. Keen observation gives power of observation, being nearest to the nature give detachment, the nature of nature is the purest form were nature doesn’t have jealous, egoism.

One should not become watchman for money, once he becomes watch man he loses all his ablitiy (all fields)If owner becomes watchman for money he is reducing the status of the boss.

For success in business one must open lot of files with maximum data available but one must be careful in closing the files. Closing the file is a must. Once the file is closed one must then be able to concentrate but one must be able to recall whenever required. One must be like monkey, intelligent and flexible.

Posted in Facebook on 12/08/2011
The 3D's of Management:
  1. Discipline
  2. Dedication
  3. Decision and more important is not taking decision.
Posted in Facebook on 10/08/2011
A good Speaker is the one who achieves nothing but claps, a preacher is the one who doesn't get claps nor slaps but get the people Transformed and aTeacher is the one who teaches and remain in the same class & the student raise to any height CM, PM.... -Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Business Management are the people who teaches Business but cannot start business - Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Our point is yet again proved (As reported earlier on our website: that among sports cricketer lives the longest & it is proved in last week sports news. Many are above 90 among the sportsman all of them cricketer -Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Exercise for the sake of exercise is not good for health, One can give work to the muscle in daily routine life, this is useful & harmless. When one does exercise for boosting up the muscle, the body releases a chemical which is harmful,(as per the version of latest scientific research) please refrain from over straining the muscle - Commets by Vipin Chand Bomb

Posted in Facebook on 05/08/2011
Technology in the present world:
Human civilization is born for development and growth. Technology in the present scenario is a must on the other side we find people depending too much on the automation in turn sometimes forgetting to use the brain even for memory he has to use the button, may be after sometime somebody will forget which button to press.
Moral: Don't be a servant to technology even though technology is a must.

Advice by Vipin Chand Bomb:
Present day people use technology even though when it is not required but just having paid the money for technology he wants to use it and in turn he may lose his time. One has to balance between technology, time and the recharging of the brain. It may happen by over depending on technology it may happen brain may get discharged and will not have power to charge. The charging for the brain is solar energy. One has to sit or walk or do some work or swim directly under the sun so that brain gets charged.

Posted in Facebook on 04/08/2011
Most of the people ask doubts without going through the website. The website is spread over years consecutive with all Monday sessions along with 3 Mega seminar, Press conference at Raipur, Bangalore conference plus MUST SEE section in zero therapy. Many people are still not aware that the website contains a separate section called DECORATION.

There is no bad time for good work only when our confidence level goes down we use the excuse of bad time or chakra or grahas, etc. No doubt Grahas and all are science but we should not be carried away for our day to day work. Ultimately it is the karma's that prevail. Keep doing right things and it ll end up in a fruitful result. It is better to learn form other's mistake rather than to learn from our mistake.

Posted in Facebook on 03/08/2011
ZERO THERAPY is for spreading knowledge and not for spreading any RELIGION - Vipin Chand Bomb

The solution for reducing tension is to delete the unpleasant past memories. Do remember to forget the past if it is unpleasant. A good memory is a one which forgets unnecessary things. If one is not attached to the world, memory improves. for improving the memories all the 5 sense have to be in synchronization.

Posted in Facebook on 02/08/2011
Synopsis of Monday meeting dt 01.08.2011:
  • The topic of Monday meeting was OBSERVATION. There is a difference between seeing watching and observation. Everybody sees, some people watch and rarely people observe. People with scientifc brain only observe. Observation is action and then reaction, like in the laboratory you add something and you observe something......
  • Apple was falling all the year but Einstien only could observe things and then could observe the reason behind it, i.e., Law of Gravity.
    Ladies have the best observation and observation starts from kitchen but they dont know the science behind it, for example: In kitchen when milk starts spilling over the gas then ladies put a thick ladle and the spilling stops the reason is heat is taken away by the ladle.
  • It is observed that when the child cries and the mother keep the child on the chest and then the child stops crying, the reason is the vibration of the mother's heart gives the child a feeling of security, yet again observation.
  • Sometimes sixth sense can observe things which are not physically present, for example when earth quake is about the occur the herbivores animals are able to sense it prior to anyone else. Observation on account of sixth sense. Observe plants and animals, live like animals and dont behave like animals.
  • My observation is that any negative smelling item when eaten the person is not able to judge the right thing due to the coating on the Budhi.
  • When in business watch the posture of the opposite man, when he is leaning back on the chair he is not in your wavelength, if leaning in front towards you then it means he is convinced.
    If one have to learn obesrvation , it is advised to go to PRE KG teacher to learn the same, they are the best observer.
  • If laughing for the sake of laughing then it is only physical exercise and it is not advisable but laughing with reasoning like children seeing the Pogo then is a good mental health exercise and is correct.
  • Children in school should carry the bag with the bottom of the bag starting from the tail bone.
  • A person is generally angry when he doesn't have convincing power, sometimes the thin body which is meant for carrying more load also get angry often. As a matter of fact shortage of love, affection, convincing power can make the person angry. Sometimes it is necesarry to get angry, when a question of principle arises.
  • It is observed that all Zero therapy born branded babies have better IQ. The observation is that the rate of blink of eye is longer when compared to others. Its a different BREED all together, all the 5 senses (Indriyas) work together. The extend of food ZT babies eat makes their hair as soft as HARE. No doubt they can be intimidation by a meat eater or flesh eater but due to their software working beautifully they can escape due to uncommon common sense.
  • "The aim of Vipin Chand Bomb is that the definition of food will change in due course of time in dictionary, food means only veg food, it has been proved in the book spiritual food authored by Vipin Chand Bomb but not yet accepted by the world. The major point here is that the person involved in the making of dictionary are not 100 % vegetarian."
  • If one fast for the sake of religious return then it is not correct , but when someone does for improving will power then it is perfect, correct, accepted and genuine. The essence lies in the intention.
    See you on next Monday !!!!
Posted in Facebook on 30/07/2011
When we were young we used to hear God is present everywhere but now in the modern present days we see God everywhere. (Self proclaimed Bhagwans) - Vipin Chand Bomb

When u think professional, work professional and act professional then you are stamped as a professional. When a man handshakes professionalism is visible. The left legs foward and right hand forward for hand shake, body bent around 45 Degress eye looking into the eye of the opposite man, This is professionalism. Photo being shortly uploaded - Vipin Chand Bomb

Posted in Facebook on 29/07/2011
Now a days every head of religion is generally known as bhagwans - Vipin Chand Bomb

Zero therapy is based on principle of shrinking. Shrink desires, shrink wants, shrink comfort, shrink varieties of food and so on and so on. Resultant of all this is the expansion of soul. Again it proves the theory of zero therapy i.e., expansion and contraction. This proves the law i.e., every action has an equal and opposite reaction. - Vipin chand bomb.

Purpose of Individual life:
One should select the line of his choice be it in business, be it in profession. The optimum efficiency of individual is thus achieved. When a person takes work as hobby he never has to work for achieving result, over a period the person becomes workaholic (Being a hobby) and it becomes the nature.
In India particularly joint family, individual purpose of life is bit difficult. The best advice for youngsters is to fully involve in business during business hours, at the same time try to take out time for personal achievements.

Posted in Facebook on 27/07/2011
For public(New entrants) who want to know how to follow Zero Therapy? One has to keep a list of what you eat, observe the colour of urine & motion. By daily observeration one would automatically get to know the wrong intake of food. For marg darshan the proof was necessary & at this stage we don't have to show the proof to public since acknowledge by all the press including UNI, now its upto the public to follow the marg darshan. Once again it is strictly advised to follow the precaution mentioned in the home page -- By Vipin Chand Bomb

Posted in Facebook on 26/07/2011
Don't go for searching for Peace, peace lies within u, don't blame others. - comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

People dont see how the things as they are, People see the things as they (people) are - Comment by Vipin Chand Bomb

Parents see that childern standing on their own leg:
The duty & responsibility of the parents is to see that the childern are able to take the decision on their own, this is the yardstick for children for standing on their own legs. But Parents can watch them from distance while have the strings with them, (not rope) Rope can pull but string is a connectivity - Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb.

When habits starts costing money it becomes hobby! - Comments Vipin Chand Bomb

Posted in Facebook on 21/07/2011
When money is not utilized and lying idle, as it happens generally in traditional family (Control by elderly people) it is - Money controls (Money is the 'Karta' - Money controls you)
Advise: One should have money control (The person is 'Karta' - here you control the money) - Comments by VipinChand Bomb
When you control money you enjoy the money, but when money controls you money enjoys you.

Posted in Facebook on 15/07/2011
Facebook is for positive energy, please don't put negative energy in the site. Questions can be answered in monday sessions personally.

Posted in Facebook on 12/07/2011
Some Interesting Quotes:
The man with imagination is never alone - Anonymous

To teach is to learn again - Anonymous

U never get a second chance to make a good first impression - Anonymous

There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate: when he cannot afford it an when he can - Mark Twain

How to make a speech: Be sincere Be brief Be seated - Anonymous

When u cant change the direction of the wind-adjust your sails. - Anonymous

Success comes before Work only in dictionary - Anonymous

Posted in Facebook on 09/07/2011
It is my experience that if the wealth has to grow then it has to be joint family business. The reason is one son acts as purchase officer, other son acts as accounts officer, other son as PR officer and father as the head of all department.

Advise for professionals:
For professional Gents: Full sleeved stripes shirt plain trousers contrasting if medium belt or on the fatter side. If its on the slimmer side: Loose horizontal sides preferably light color shades, contrasting color pants and all in cotton.
For Professional ladies:
It is advisable to Indian ladies to remain housewife and dress code should be saree since it covers the sari body (Full Body)

Advise for Parents and Grandparents:
Children should be encouraged but not appreciated to the extent that they become head weighted (Andho main Kana Raja)
Kids should be taught to be creative right from the birth, in the process if the child breaks the item by default it should be treated as creative . We should not mind for that, but educate creativity on the constructive side.

Advise for Father-in-law and Mother-in-law:
Daughter in law should be treated as daughter of the house and not daughter in law, but daughter in law should follow the laws of the husband's house.

Advise for married daughters:
To come enjoy the family atmosphere of the parental house and not to interfere with the day to day work of the daughter in law.

Advise for Son:
To help father in business, reduce the strain of the father in business, eat along with mother, play some past time games with mother in the house, share a cup of tea with parents in the house, keep teaching the family tradition to the respective spouse.
Like the family Package !!

Smoking is a crime and Alcoholic is self destruction

Posted in Facebook on 27/06/2011
Sugar is vital for human being to be taken in the form of syrup (mostly mistaken as sugar disease). It is my experience that people eating sweets are less prone to vengeance and anger. It is said that one of the world oldest civilization bikaner (It is presume that it is even prior to mohanjadero civilization). the best part is that the food of that place is never complete without sweets and to the best of my knowledge least diabetics are found in bikaner. It is also advisable to eat savouries along with sweets. The concept of hot and cold of zero therapy.

Our main hobby is to give research point to the world scientist. If anyone comes across any problem welcome them.

Posted in Facebook on 26/06/2011
If the nose is very powerful for picking up the smell, he can sense the danger in advance. Many a times it happens with zero therapy followers and every time with animals. Animals and zero therapy followers are almost similar except the behavior.

Posted in Facebook on 23/06/2011
Synopsis of the Monday Meeting dt. 20-06-11
  • At length Vipinchand Bomb dealt on subconscious mind, the power of subconscious mind and also how to improve it, by not only eating SATVIK food but also following zero therapy lifestyle. We went on saying that the moment we talk on any subject by sheer co-incidence the news on the same is printed on next day in one of the English dailies and this happened on this Tuesday on the same subject "SUBCONSCIOUS MIND" may be again by co-incidence.
  • For improving the subconscious mind and in turn increasing the will power one has to eat SATVIK food specially one has to avoid negative smell like garlic menthol, onion, etc. A foremost important point to be noted here is that SATVIK food does not include consumption of medicine.
  • The most important factor for subconscious mind is all around happiness, happiness with spouse, parent, workers, staff etc. For happiness if a boss is veg then it is advisable to appoint a veg people to double the happiness.
  • Very interesting point that sadhu should lecture only to sadhu and shravak should lecture only to shravak because each one knows about his subject better that the other man subject and that’s the reason a batsman should coach only to batsman and bowler should coach only to bowler.
  • A research by Vipin Chand Bomb: The fits and stammering in a joint family is likely to occur in a child whose father or grandfather is a smoker.
Posted in Facebook on 20/06/2011
Zero business:
Very high percentage of margin in business is not cheating, what you show has to be given. In some of the hotel coffee is available at Rs.20 and coffee is available is star hotel for Rs.200- Rs.300. May I ask does it amount to cheating and people on the contrary give thanks after tasting coffee. It is what you sell and how you sell.

The result is Karma but this doesnt mean one should not work. Purshat is more important, leave the result to karma. In business the yearly profit is more important than profit in individual transaction. Keep in mind the yearly balance sheet and not the day to day balance sheet, so as to avoid unnecessary time.

Any information received regarding death through post or envelope should not be kept.

Posted in Facebook on 18/06/2011
Ritesh Jain:Uncle, Whether earth is flat or oval shape? As per Jain Cosmology earth is Flat. Also United Nations flag depicts earth as Flat
Vipinchand Bomb:We only heard form scientist and religion head, we have not seen physically so lets not comment on that. Genereally speaking popele are generally speaking..More over it doesnt affect the people who are staying on earth whether earth is falt or oval.

Posted in Facebook on 17/06/2011
Liver and brain are two chemical factory for which the raw material is no chemical, and these two organs will not accept and synthetic or unnatural chemicals.

Posted in Facebook on 16/06/2011
Knowledge should be shared and not to be kept with oneself but on the contrary business secrets should be strictly kept secret - Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Kindly don't ask for diet treatment over here. Its a science Which changes with respect to temperature atmosphere climate and all the more individual and it's family.

Liver and brain are two chemical factory for which the raw material is no chemical, and these two organs will not accept and synthetic or unnatural chemicals.

Patient’s Experience with Zero Therapy
Patient Name:Preeti Mehta
I am thankful to you for diagnosing and, recovering me fast from swelling and blood clotting which occured 2 days ago that too myself taking consultancy right here sitting in Gujarat. Jai Prakruti and Thank you uncleji

Posted in Facebook on 14/06/2011
Overhead expenses over the head for South Indian ladies are more when compared to their counterpart in North India - Comments by Vipinchand bomb

Synopsis of the Monday Meeting dt. 13-06-11
Tortoise:One of the largest life among animals and his longevity is around 200 years and the fact is that he is vegetarian.

  • Elephant eat lot of sugar cane and most surprisingly he is not having diabetes.
  • Elephant has hard disk memory and not floating memory.
  • Elephant doesn't get wild unless it sees a wild man.

According to modern science, scientists are now claiming that the kidney are giving wrong signals to the brain, but may I ask the research scientist " How can original manufacturer of human being can be wrong ?" The nature has provided eye in front and not at back, nature knows where to fit what.

Posted in Facebook on 08/06/2011
Synopsis of the Monday Meeting dt. 08-06-11
If the nose is very powerful for picking up the smell, he can sense the danger in advance. Many a times it happens with zero therapy followers and every time with animals. Animals and zero therapy followers are almost similar except the behavior.

Posted in Facebook on 06/06/2011
Patient’s Experience with Zero Therapy
Patient Name:Rajesh Agarwal
Suffering from tongue cancer under the tretment of uncle cancer is removed and i am enjoing the life with out any medicine.

Posted in Facebook on 02/06/2011
Synopsis of the Monday Meeting dt. 30-5-11
Do not enforce vegetarianism or do not protest of closure of slaughter house, it is none of the business of vegetarian people, it is advised for the vegetarian to follow vegetarianism. A vegetarian eats veg food and vegetarianism means not hurting the feeling of others beside eating veg food and hence do not protest against the slaughter house. Try to preach vegetarianism and do not enforce vegetarianism. We cannot expect a cheetah to be preached vegetarianism as he is born as a cheetah. In world there will be always herbivores and carnivores, we cannot accept all the people to be herbivores or else the balance will be lost.

Whatever one wishes can be achieved in life provided it doesn't harm anybody, provided no karmafal (the immediate result of action) is attached. Once the desire is sent to the universe without any selfish motive with no intention to harm anyone. Universe is bound to listen and you ll be successful in your action.

The desire must be so powerful that it goes to the sub-conscious mind and it sends it to the universe. For Example In business one tries to grow business without thinking that the money used ll buy house, jewels, or and bad thing then the universe will not accept. If the desire is sent to the universe with no conditions attached what so ever then the business is bound to grow.

One should use the profit for the betterment of the society, for the people around and the profit should not be solely used for the benefit of the family.

The profit in the form of milk in the pot to be used for others and the kurchan (what we call in hindi) attached to the vessel is to be used for the family.

Posted in Facebook on 30/05/2011
Patient’s Experience with Zero Therapy
Patient Name:Soina Siroya
I went to Orange County for a three day holiday and during my stay incidentally i had some wrong combination of food. After I finished my dinner i came to the room and had itching all over my body and after sometime there were small small swelling all over the body (as it happens after mosquito bites). I immediately called up uncleji and He said to have milk and ghee+sugar, i had milk and after two min i had vomiting, to my surprise all the food that i ate came out except the milk which was prescribed by uncleji. After my vomiting all the the itching and all the swelling was gone immediately. This was like a magic for me. I whole heartedly thank uncleji.

  1. First and foremost never try to sell material. A good material sells be itself.
  2. Secondly keep all your clients informed that you are alive by not disturbing them over the phone but by regular communication related to business or out of business (useful information, most probably health related tips.) It is seen corporates sending health tips regularly have improved their business.
  3. Never try to push the material, if the customer in genuinely in need give him consultancy free and charge him for the material.
  4. Boss must come first and go last in office for everlasting business.
  5. Never deal in spurious or second hand material, all legal business are bound to grow and are permanent.
  6. Each company must adopt some social activities funded by the own company.
Any help related to improving business can be referred to us for early reply.

Any day the idol is better than the photo, particularly idol should be made of non magnetic material like gold, silver, marble stone, semi precious stone, sandalwood, rosewood, etc in a sequential preference. (Among all semi precious metal are much better)

Belief in any God of any religion and offering either prayer or deepam regularly on a given fixed time improves the will power and likely to get energy from universe.

Posted in Facebook – Date28/05/11
Patient’s Experience with Zero Therapy
Patient Name:Rekha
I had burning sensation while passing urine for the past few days , so I went to uncleji and told him , he immediately asked " did you have keri pani" and he was right. after some time he asked " did you pass motion" i replied no, and again he immediately said " did you have kadi" and again he was right. only god knows how uncleji knows everything.
Comments by:
Mahendra Doshi: Scanning beyond imagination. U R Telling by seeing but I Have been Scanned on phone for many times that's'nt it?

Posted in Facebook – Date20/05/11
Patient’s Experience with Zero Therapy
Patient Name:Ankit Siroya
I went casually to meet Vipin uncle today and immediately by looking at me he asked have you consumed red chili yest, I was wondering and I recalled n he was absolutely right because just a day before I had papad with red chili sprinkled on it. This is really Amazing.

Posted in Facebook – Date18/05/11
Synopsis of Monday meeting dt 16/05/11
  • Underwater swimming is the best exercise for long healthy life, some alternate exercise were prescribed in the meeting (Kindly refer the video).
  • Gym is not advisable because when muscles are expanded, correspondingly there is a contraction in the body which is harmful.
  • One of the meaning of doctor according to dictionary is that: a doctor is a one who treats the disease, (Our opinion "not the patient"). Whenever statement is changed in court it is called as doctored statement, whenever the auto meter is repaired it is known as doctored meter.
  • In an accident when swelling are seen, the body actually rushes the blood to the spot where it is hit in order to cure it and it is not DANGEROUS, its like dispatching the army to the site place.
  • Generally when a medical doctor has extracted the juice from the body (Operation) and the money from your pocket, he generally sends you to the physiotherapist to escape from the mistake that he has committed.
  • Cause of Laziness: The main reason of laziness is constipation.
  • Time:
    For good cause if time is maintained perennially, like Aarti, Pooja, Monday Zero therapy sessions (On all mondays dot on 8.05 P.M irrespective of rain, Tsunami, Power cut, elections, etc, etc, etc it goes on and on).
    For Such things energy from the universe always waits to come on that spot at that fixed time, thats the reason Aarti should be on time.
    Time is not in terms of minutes & hours. when time is important one is not suppose to waste a minute nor even a fraction of second. Given the choice to choose between money & time, I would rather choose time and not afford to loose money.

People think:
  1. Money can do everything,
  2. Money can buy everything.
But in present day the scenario is different, what matters in the higher level business is the inter-connectivity of hearts. Money is just a by-product of hard-work and principled business and not business principle.

Posted in Facebook – Date11/05/11
नेहले पे देहला:
एक बार एक पति अपनी पत्नी से कहा, साली आधी घरवाली होती है।
तो पत्नी ने कहा - "याद रखना तुम्हरी बीवी भी किसी की साली है।

True humanity starts not from college, school, management school. It states from concern for humanity of the people who work under, who work with you. Once the humanity is there, the management comes automatically. - Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb.

A joke: Two friends where enjoying a cup of tomato cup. One friend said after tasting the soup, "....Stupid", the other friend asked which end of the spoon?

Once a person likes about something it’s very general, what he likes and elaborate is important.

For success in life one has to have connectivity with the universe. Once this is happens desired results can be achieved. (Provided it is not for destruction)
Comments by:
Abhishek Siroya: Then how does one achieves connection with the universe?
Vipin Chand Bomb: Dear Abhishek, It all depends on the purity of the soul. Purity of soul also depends up on food, source of income, friends, environment, etc. Everything is interrelated & interconnected.

Speed is connected with the food, how fast one eats, what one eats, all put together makes the brain and the brain decides the body accordingly fat, slim, etc. If the food is satvic the brain makes the body muscle flexible and there is synchronization between the brain and the body (Mind+ Body). How fast one is able to send the thoughts to the required place getting the work done through the universe internet in no time. – Comments Vipin Chand Bomb

Posted in Facebook – Date10/05/11
Abhishek Siroya: What is required for the best harmony between husband wife & family?
Vipinchand Bomb:It is Eating together in the same plate and same food, prepared by wife and the mother of the child. This creates same thought, same wavelength and same frequency & hence the best harmony among the family.

Homework for world scientist:
  1. It is found that cricketer amongst other sports person tends to live longer.
  2. Not brushing teeth nor using paste gives better life for the teeth, this is applicable for vegetarian people.
The answer will be given in due course of time.

Posted in Facebook – Date07/05/11
CON stands from continuity of the FUSE. When there is continuity the supply works. When brain fuses the continuity of the fuse gets disconnected and the person is not able to decide. Normally this happens with the person who has two names pet name & official name. Sometimes mental imbalance due to various factors may confuse the person.
Reason the numerology of two names may differ and hence “Confusion”. - Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb.

If a man can switch off from the situation he will not get confused. - Comments by Vipin Chand Bomb

Vipin Chand Bomb wants all the Zero Therapy Volunteer to pay back as tax for the happiness they derived from the society in any form like physically, mentally, Monetarily (Taan, Maan, Dhan).

Posted in Facebook – Date06/05/11
Even Dharamraj Yudhistir lost in gambling, then Why speculation, Why lose money & in turn prestige??? - History is about the mistakes committed-- Learn from the mistake & not to repeat.

How funny English language is ‘may be’ also means ‘may no be’ – how do you like it???

Salt should never be taken in liquid at room temperature. It directly strains the kidney for extra filtration. Salt should also not be sprinkled over salad, because it spoils the sensitivity of the taste buds. Only advisable a pinch of salt while cooking along with either ghee or oil (Heated).

The look of the child reflects the harmony of the ???? - ???? (parents) – Says Vipin Chand Bomb.

Marketing is the extension of talk without any commitment. – Vipin Chand Bomb

Marketing is “Maar Kaat” for personal gain. – From the book ‘Quotes of Vipin chand Bomb’

The look of the child reflects the harmony of the माता - पिता (parents) – Says Vipin Chand Bomb.

Minutes of the Monday 02/05/2011:
A lady consumed ‘Neem leaves’ as antidote for worms in the stool and she got affected by piles. She came to me for consultation and I asked her – Where the worms alive or dead? She said – Dead.

“In Zero Therapy the worms are sent out with the stool "alive" but in other therapy the worms are "dead" in the stool. This is the major difference between Zero Therapy and other therapies.”

Zero Therapy is based on ‘Ahimsa’ and no worms & no germs are killed.

Neem Leaves are not allowed in Zero Therapy since it acts as a medicine. Medicines are not allowed in any form.

Posted in Facebook – Date05/05/11
Creativity comes not by knowledge not by copy but one has to have observation of the nature, watch the nature, love the nature, and be with the nature. Eat what nature has provided (No alcohol, Meat, Egg) Avoidance of under roots suggested.

Watch plants grow, watch animal habits, use of natural garments like cotton, silk, wool and not synthetic. In one line if you are close to nature you are creative. It is suggested that the environment in which one lives like furniture should be of rosewood, teakwood, wrought, brass, glass, cane, bamboo, ceramic, silk, wool and other natural things are natural and not plywood. Avoidance of any negative smell, etc. With all these things a person is bound to be creative. The basic necessity of creativity is to avoid all things which will disturb you. Like May be food, may be smell, may be friend, may be wife, even medicine. – Says Vipin Chand Bomb

Nothing is permanent, even your wife is not permanent, since next birth she can be .... Anything

A manager manages things right, a leader does the right things - Peter Drucker

Three things are fixed at the time of birth:
  1. Parents
  2. Materialistic value
  3. Death
Depending upon past collective karmas.

Posted in Facebook – Date03/05/11
Sun and Moon cannot be separated from the universe. The basic principle of Zero Therapy is proved here, everything is hot & cold, Sun is hot & Moon is cold. Universe cannot be without sun & moon. Basically in science it can be called as expansion & contraction
Let’s take a word “SHE” In SHE (Female) you have HE (Male). He (Male) could not have come to the world without SHE (Female). He (Hot) also has part of she (Cold) since given birth by SHE a part of cold. This is the science behind Zero Therapy. Two things do exist in different ratio in different individual and we balance the ratio and the body comes to normal at the time of birth unless tempered.

Posted in Facebook on 19/04/2011
The formation of words without vowels are generally not possible however exceptions are there here is a sample: RHYTHM

It is interesting to know that there is no equivalent word for gyan in english perhaps the reason....(perhaps lacking..)

Detachment: we cannot acquire gyan unless an until one practices detachment in all aspects of life.

Why boiling water is harmful ?
It is not advisable to boil the bacteria Which are meant for the betterment of our health. After boiling these bacterias becomes dead and everyone knows what dead body achieves.
Presently the water contains chemicals which after boiling becomes harmful (hard).

Buddhism:perhaps started from the right judgement what is known as budhi- to judge what is right and what is wrong.

Posted in Facebook on 16/04/2011
Vipin chand bomb quote:
People think Money and honey are both vital, honey for physical health and money for business health . Money means many means, money can make or mar one's life... Money makes many things. Money means many means. Money is everything and I don’t want everything.

Interesting saying:
U may say u know, by ur actions it is known. 
Meeting and parting is a way of life. Parting and meeting is joy of life.

Comments by:
Naresh Kumar:Zero Therapy is a religion where you strictly follows No's, rest is taken care by the soul

Posted in Facebook on 15/04/2011
"श्री" is auspicious and good, because it consist of the letter “SH”
For that matter almost all words consisting of “SH” are interesting
For Example: Jagadish, Krishna

Interestingly Cash also has “SH” , hence maybe auspicious and really good provided earned in the right way.
Incidentally all Zero Therapy followers have “SH” in their names: Naresh, Nilesh, Abhishek, Dinesh, Sheela, Shantilal, Vaishali, Akhsay, Anshuk, Ashish, Ayush, Divesh, Jinesh, Manish, Prakash, Vishal.

A smart trainer selects who lacks Saraswati in turn makes Lakshmi for himself - Vipinchand Bomb

Difference between Character & Nature: Naturally the nature does not change, one can change only his own character. - Vipinchand Bomb

A good speaker is a one who speaks and only speaks and does not achieve anything in reality, achieves applauds! - Vipinchand Bomb

A trainer who thinks he had made the people rich is not correct, a good trainer select the people who are likely to become rich, nevertheless in the process the trainer himself becomes rich in the process - Comments by Vipinchand Bomb

Interesting saying:
"When I was young I thought money is important, now when I am old I know money is important"

Young men think old men fool
Old men know young men fool

Money should not be the criteria of earning however if it's a byproduct it is most welcome!

An old man running fast in the later part of his life to reach the destination ends up before the destination, Advisable to go slow & reach the destination. This is personal experience of Vipinchand Bomb

Comments by:
Manoj Kumar: Kindly advice what middle age man should do either run or Jog or walk
Vipin Chand Bomb It all depends on the individual, since the middle aged man is always in the middle of something and never decides.

Posted in Facebook on 12/04/2011
Vipin chand bomb quote
" What you eat is what you teach"
For good education the guru had to be vegetarian in interest of any country

Posted in Facebook on 11/04/2011
Simplicity = simply simple- no frills

Mark twain:
"If u feed a starved dog and make him prosperous, he ll not bit you. This is the difference between a dog and a man"

Interesting saying: Generally speaking people are generally speaking

Any food prepared at home by mother, sister-in- law or better half who are zero therapy followers, food prepared by them has medicinal effect.

Posted in Facebook on 10/04/2011
Patient’s Experience with Zero Therapy
Patient Name:Asha Arvind
My son Anshuk was wearing glasses with power for about 7 years .After adopting the "ZERO THERAPY LIFESTYLE" he got rid of his 7 year old spectacles. Without any SURGERY or any MEDICINE ,getting rid of his spectacles was fascinating.It's AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE but he is perfectly fine without them for the past 5 years.

Posted in Facebook on 09/04/2011
After the game of chess, king and pawn goes into the same bag. Everyone has to go to the graveyard or cremation ghat.

Interesting saying:
"If a man thinks he can get things done with money can do everything for money"

The most misunderstood word is qualified and educated. The person who is educated need not be qualified and the person who is qualified need not be educated
Comments from qualified and educated are welcome.
Comments by: Sanjay Mehta:it appears qualified people are'nt educated enough and educated people are not qualified enough to comment; in any case likes are there!

Posted in Facebook on 08/04/2011
Amazing !! What powerful thinking can do...
Powerful thinking can get ur work done without your physical efforts. It is the thoughts which get things done whatever is RIGHTLY desire.
All that one has to do is when fixing the goals, the signal from brain has to be very powerful which get the things done through universe. This science cannot be explained on paper, it has to experienced.
"The key factor for getting the work done through thoughts is that one need to have a pure soul"

Interested Saying:
"People bother how wealthy you are but rarely bothered to know how one has acquired it"
Posted in Facebook on 07/04/2011
Fun with English:
Class -a place where teaching takes place.
Lass -(c removed)- means girl...

Fun with English:
I saw a saw in a saw
Here saw has three different meaning
I see a she in a sea...

Posted in Facebook on 05/04/2011
Why Garlic is danger as reported under various occasions on Zero Therapy?
During world war bullets were used with garlic content to make the soldiers totally useless and incurable by any method. This is very dangerous. While sharing this information one of the audience asked Shri Vipin Chand, then why don't it affect us while eating, on this he replied that the garlic eaten goes directly into the stomach and it doesn't mix up directly with blood. Hence it is not harmful as the bullet.

Comments by:
Manoj Kumar: Garlic mixed with bullet is clear clear proof of poison with poison
Vipin Chand Bomb: Metallic poison (bullet) can be removed from the body but chemical poison cannot be removed, in other words it's called as chemical warfare

Why life partners are called as better half?
There is a short story behind this que. Once upon a time there lived a king and one of the person in his kingdom had committed a mistake and for that the king sentenced him to death, that time the wife of the person pleaded to the king that when we got married we had become one and now if u kill my husband it is equivalent that you are killing me too. Hearing this the king freed the accused and from then the life partners are called as better half

Comments by:
Manoj Kumar:Good learning absolute meaning and essence behind the better half and uncle now i request you that over a period many things changes as it is natural and nominal phenomena and hence if now the same situation like ... King ... Punishment arises what will his better half will do.

Live like animals and don't behave like animals, it is always advisable to learn from plants and animals who are always close to nature rather than from books, saints and human beings. All modern science want to know about plants and animals but I want to learn from them.

Synopsis of the Monday Meeting dt. 04-04-11
Yoga are of two types:
  • Silent Yoga: Silent Yoga means watching the inhale and exhale of the individuals without making sound, in short it means increasing the efficiency of the lungs.
  • Violent Yoga: Violent Yoga means breathing and using the movement of the stomach and other organ but not mainly on lungs. It amounts to breathing at higher rate per minute i.e., brisk rate. This brisk rate reduces the age of individuals and hence it is not correct in my opinion.
Posted in Facebook on 04/04/2011
Comments by:Naresh Kumar
Body Power:The next and nearest alternative for repair is the individual body itself which has got all built in power, which has non return values, built in chemical factories, built in automation like shutting of one valve, closing of another value, expanding the blood vessles..for more information refer the book "Spiritual Food" by Vipin Chand Bomb on Page 30

Posted in Facebook on 01/04/2011
The 21st century man

Problems - Physical, mental, emotional

Cause - What matters to the body is the matter that goes into the body.

Result - Terrorism, Cruelty, No Peace

Solution- Spiritual Food in restaurants, homes, and communities across the world

The change starts from you now.
You are the person taking lead from this moment...
All the best for food reforms for universal peace... - Vipinchand Bomb

Comments by:Naresh Kumar
"Carnivorous animals too have been documented to eat some grass and plants in time of sickness, to help them recuperate" from the book "SPIRITUAL FOOD" by VIPIN CHAND BOMB (on page 18)

Fanatics of Religion

Almost all the religion are preached on some sort of rewards, may be salvation or moksh and whenever a karmafal is expected it is not religion in my opinion. The essence lies in believing in karma and not karmafal. Sometimes the expectation of result i.e., karmafal may give you will power for fasting for 60 days. Even Muslims are fasting for 30 days, and each religion has its own culture, one should never think that his/her religion is best in the world. All religion are equally best A point to be noted is that one should love his religion and respect all other religion. Religion should not be attached to name, as generally happens in the world. When we are interested in doing business with the world we have to follow the ethics of the world. If any one want to comment based on religion then it is strictly advised to refrain - Vipin Chand Bomb

Precautions - Don'ts

As per Zero Therapy what we should do is what we should not do. So therefore, there are only DON'TS.
Click here to see what we should not do.

The proof of success:

1 January 2011 Exhibition covered by

Article published by Deccan Chronicle on 3 Jan 2011, after an Exhibition held at Chennia,India.

An Exhibition on Health Food Prevention took place. Many people who were cured of diseases ranging from cancer, TB, migraine and eye disorders were present and offered their testimonials with scientific proof.

In 2006 Hitesh lost his voice and doctors concluded that he will never be able to talk again. But thanks to his Zero Therapy practices, Hitesh talks today.

Zero Therapy is in news from several years

Vipin Chand Bomb, the founder has been in news since October 1997. Following are some of the news articles published by popular dailies after Annual Seminars:

The science behind the food theory of Vipin Chand Bomb presented as appears in News Today, Chennai, 25 Jan 2010. Vipin said people should not force vegetarianism on others. This article was published after the Third Annual Mega Seminar of Zero Therapy

This article was published after the Second Annual Mega Seminar of Zero Therapy. Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta graced the occasion. Naresh Gupta (Chief Electoral Officer) also spoke a few words about his understanding of the Zero Therapy at the function.

This link takes you to all the news clipings...

Note:     Several names of “Zero Therapy” and “Vipin Chand” have cropped up. Make sure you are writing to “Vipin Chand Bomb”, founder of Zero Therapy. belongs to us.
                  Contact time for any information on Zero Therapy is generally:
                   Morning: 7.30 to 8.25am    Evening: 5.30 to 6.25pm
                  Subject to availability of Mr. Vipin Chand Bomb in station. Sorry, no disturbance during office hours.

Food for thought:

    Happiness : 15-Mar-2011
    Magnet Healing (Our opinion and Experience) : 9-Mar-2011
    Enlightenment: 16-Feb-2011
    “Diwaro ke bhi kaan hothein hai” (Hindi) – Walls also have ears.
    Onion – The negative energy.
    No medicine is cure: Fear is also cure.
    Mosquito, a gift of nature for the benefit of mankind. 7-Dec-2010.
    Almond (badam)
    Garlic the biggest danger ???

Quotes by Vipin Chand Bomb:

Village – Village is a villa where all aged people live.” - Vipin Chand Bomb.
The origin of word Village is from a big villa and collection of villa where people of all age live.

An Exhibition on Health Food Prevention took place. Many people who were cured of diseases ranging from cancer, TB, migraine and eye disorders were present and offered their testimonials with scientific proof.

Book 'QUOTES of Vipin Chand Bomb' was released on 1-Jan-2011. Only book in the world of quotes of a single person to the best of our knowledge.

Birth of quotes
Vipin Chand Bomb has a hobby of sharing a cup of tea with Zero Therapy followers and generally on such occasions a subject would crop up and they would ask his comment on the same. Thus this quotes were born over a cup of tea.

“Water based natural Perfume.”
If anyone makes water based natural perfume, do let us know. Zero Therapy followers will be a good buyer for that.

In view of the large response :

This is a totally non-commercial, not for profit, voluntary social project - No Charges what so ever.

This is a lifestyle and not a treatment as you may have understood or misunderstood. Moreover Shri Vipin Chand Bomb is into full time business of industrial supply of heat related products to corporate sectors and research institutions. Zero therapy being his hobby, it may be difficult for him to attend individually.

Our experience is that anyone who follows strictly the lifestyle given in the site, particularly Precautions ( menu items ) gets alright automatically. We do not treat the disease but the lifestyle does the treatment. There are instances where people far away in U.S, Scotland and Coimbatore have informed us that they got alright just by following the site.

All  Mondays we have session at 8.05 pm in Hindi at 128 N.S.C Bose Road. However doubts can be clarified in English after you have attended 3 or 4 sessions. In a nut shell, if you are away from all unnatural chemicals and negative food chemicals, this lifestyle will take care of the problems. To prove this was our mission – now accomplished.

Please excuse us. We may be reluctant to attend the constant phone calls being preoccupied in business.

Garlic the biggest danger ???

The cow brought up in a traditional life style never eats garlic. However, over a period animals have changed their bodies and in turn working of the system. Ayurveda has brought in this as a medicine and for treating the so called disease but in fact it does not do anything good for emotional or spiritual health.

My Experience ( Vipin Chand Bomb's ): A friend of mine introduced a person saying he has developed a oil supplied by him free of cost which it seems could cure small ailments and thus doing a service to humanity. Even acupuncture specialists used to get this medicinal oil and use it on their patients and charge them.

The next statement from me “This is not a service to humanity. The person whom you have introduced me has taken lots and lots of garlic and the property of garlic is seen in his action.

The point here to be stressed is that the inherent property of garlic is built in egoism. Most of the Indians were taking garlic in the form of medicine or with daily food. Increasing the egoistic character for everyone. This was being taken as a advantage by invaders. Perhaps our country was the highest invaded country by foreigners.

And to prove the egoism, such actions are seen from the person who consumes garlic. To satisfy the self egoism, so called charitable things take place. My own brother in law develops such herbal ointments and such oil which he thinks is beneficial and temporarily it also helps people. He is also fond of too much of garlic. Now the first person unconsciously stopped making oil and we found from his food habit that for some reason he had stopped eating garlic. In other words, so called service to humanity is invariably done by people whose food habit consist of mostly garlic.

Reason: Each eatable item in the world has inherent property. Scientist only see the physical property. Inherent property cannot be tested in labs, it can only be seen in character.

May be all the dictator's food habit consisted and consisted of garlic. Inherent property of garlic is egoism, not listening to people, dictatorship, ruthlessness – (tamsick and rajsick guna) .

When garlic is eaten, due to latent heat the taste bud of tongue gets corrupted at the same time the smell goes to the brain changing the brain chemical, food goes to the liver and due to the latent heat of garlic, liver has to release some sort of chemical to neutralize this latent heat.

Most interesting point to be noted here is the release of the chemical from the liver is due to command from brain. The liver and the brain communicate all the time online, being chemical factories (This is the reason alcohol simultaneously damages liver (liquid) and brain (smell)). This two communicate through chemicals. Other organs communicate like electrical connections.

More details to be updated later.....

Diabetics: My opinion ( Vipin Chand Bomb's ): While testing for diabetes its mandatory to go on fasting.

May I ask the scientist and the doctors why it cannot be done on normal body when all the test are conducted on normal body. The modern science says, one reason for diabetes is also stress.

Is fasting is to create stress in the body, so that the result is in the favor of medical science ? Undoubtedly, body releases sugar to overcome the stress.

Healthy is “Heal – thy” as quoted by Vipin Chand Bomb. This based on your doctor is you and you and you and your body and your mind and your soul/spirit. And NO BODY is better doctor then your body.

What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body. - By Vipin Chand Bomb.

Nature has built the body such that it does not accept foreign matter, be it medicine, be it meat, be it alcohol, be it smoke etc.... All unnatural things act as foreign matter and body tries to resist invader. There by resulting in chaos in the body in the form of disease and if disease is suppressed then it becomes chronic disease.

Types of Stress

Stress are of three types, Physical stress, Mental stress and Emotional stress

Physical Stress: Any disturbance in the mechanical working of body can create physical stress, which vary from individual to individual. This again is based on how the child is brought up for the first six years and during the nine months of pregnancy.

The Solution: Food eaten by the body has to be only vegetarian food and no foreign matter to be allowed to go into the body. The reason is near the nature is health. Away from the nature is stress and if its carried for a long period it becomes a disease. When the body is not at ease is disease.

Mental Stress: Each person has his own like and dislike. One has to try to be as near to his/her likes for NO mental stress. The moment it giets into the area of dislikes, he gets into mental stress domain.

Things like perfume can also create mental stress for certain people and certain smell depending on the individual person can relieve mental stress (+ve smell are solution for mental stress like Henna, Sandal wood, Sandal oil, Saffron, Jasmine, Khus (in Hindi. It's a scented root used for perfume. In Tamil, it's called Vettiver). The effect of this are related to weather condition on each day and the effect varies from person to person.

The Solution: The solution for all this is smell and smell and smell (+ve smell).

Emotional Stress: Each person has his own vibrations which creates aura all around the body. If the aura is +ve and powerful it can benefit the opposite person and if the aura is -ve and powerful it can disturb the opposite person. Example Hitler.

The vibrations are total sum effect of
    food one eats,
    food preperations,
    the person who serves,
    the atmosphere one eats in,
    with whom he eats,
    where he eats,
    and on top of it, the source of income of the food.

All this effects the individual vibrations, which can be called Soul, in other word Energy.
    Powerful athma, Powerful Energy
    Less Powerful athma, less powerful energy.

Zero Therapy is a life style most near the natural life style.

Vipin Chand Bomb's advice is “Live life like herbivorous animals, don't behave like animals”. Animals do not have egoism, don't plan revenge, similarly Zero Therapy life style people do not have these 2 qualities. Reason: “What matter to the body is the matter that goes into the body” - Quote by Vipin Chand Bomb. Zero Therapy Life Style is based on purely type of food and food and food. The meaning of food means it has got to be only vegetarian food. The reason will be dealt with in detail in the next update, which will have an impact on the makers of the dictionary and the meaning in the due course of time will change.

It is our experience that people following Zero Therapy Life Style are fairing better at study and sports level at school. The expenses for doctor and medicine is 100% NIL. This is the feedback we got from parents of Zero Therapy Life Style children.

We are looking for publishers for forthcoming book and for earlier book “Spiritual Food”
for which we have a tremendous demand.

There is a remarkable difference between the babies born (nine months of pregnancy) under Zero Therapy Life Style and Non-Zero Therapy Life Style.

Zero Therapy babies have sixth sense (natural instinct like animals) of what is suitable and what is not suitable for their body, be it food, be it atmosphere, be it a stranger. This is because their vibrations are more powerful (Click here to see some of them) than non-zero therapy. Their vibrations are most natural (near the nature) like herbivorous animals. No foreign invader in their body. Zero Therapy children understand the difference between blood relation and non-blood relation even at the age of 2 years.

Human Being consist of 3 parts, Body, Mind and Soul/Spirit.

All three need food. Body tolerates Meat, Flesh, Eggs,alcohol, smoke etc.. + Veg (accepts). Mind needs Vegetarian Food. Soul/Spirit needs Zero Therapy Life Style Food.

Human being by nature is born for progress like a tree till the end of original life fixed at the time of birth. Unless one meddles with the tree it grows and grows and grows (Unless stamped at the time of birth. It is like an accident with human body). All this reality makes the body not to accept any foreign invader in the form of medicine, alcohol, smoke, meat, fish, eggs etc...

One doctor in US(Indian Origin) agreed that people are getting cured in Zero Therapy not by any science but due to herd mentality (Bhed chal).

May I ask all the doctors in the world, "Is it not herd mentality to follow Allopathy or any pathy". Even if they get cured (by chance) it is on account of the faith in medicine and there is no known proof that patient gets cured by medicine. This is the reason, in Zero Therapy we don't prescribe medicine even in the form of food (Ayurveda). In Zero Therapy we increase the body's Immune System to the highest level of an individual.

Zero Therapy is based on uncommon common sense – says Vipin Chand Bomb.

We are always ahead of research. Zero Therapy was born around 2002. Since past eight years Shri Vipin Chand Bomb has revealed so many facts as FIRST around the world based on his personal experience. Following is the proof:

  • Vitamin B12: We were saying from beginning the B12 is available in the plant food and science says B12 is available in meat. May I ask all the medical people as to how many died due to shortage of B12. To the best of our knowledge, NONE. May i ask scientist that for B12 research they take meat on one side and plant food on other side where as, as per the rule it should be animal meat Vs human meat, then only the result will be right. Animals derive B12 from the plant food. In the same manner human body also convert the plant food into B12 in the body. To prove the test should be: Animal meat Vs Human meat and NOT Animal Meat Vs Plant Vegetables (as scientist have done) .
  • Ghee is must for the body and it is not a cholesterol It is lubrication for body and also essential oil for body machinery. As we have proof that waist line never increased in spite of eating Ghee for our followers while the weight increased. They were no day assisted by any therapy like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha of Unani etc... More over temperature above 104 automatically reduced by body by passing more urine.
  • We are first to say Idli is harmful for children and public in general i.e. fermentation (Not good for body). It is experience of Shri Vipin Chand Bomb that every Sunday children go to hotel for supper and every Monday morning they have complained of stomach pain.
  • We were first to say artificial smell is dangerous and harmful (For example, Mosquito repellent, refer our site for No's and Avoid. It was later that in Detroit, MI, USA perfumed products were urged not to be worn at work and Signs were placed at city buildings to avoid wearing scented products. Click here to see the news.
  • We were first to prescribe Badam + Ghee(Deep Fry) for diabetic patient and obesity reduced which resulted in bringing down the waist.

Secret of Zero Therapy Theory:

Increase the weight and reduce the waist. This is possible only in this therapy and no other therapy to the best of our knowledge. And this is the secret of long life. Reason behind is that we increase the density of bone which is again not possible in any therapy. Bone is the basic structure of the body which takes the weight of the body. Infact we reduce the body weight other then the bone but over all the weight is increased. The Uncommon common sense: For a building if it has to carry weight the concrete structure has to be very strong. And this is what we do in Zero Therapy. For making all this possible Ghee (clarified butter) plays a vital role. Again in what form and in what combination Ghee is to be taken is important. In all Zero Therapy followers the intake of Ghee has trippled in their life style, nevertheless, the waist never increased (waist is a store house of waste). Most important factor is that Ghee must be used as deep fry or in the form of halwa or any other form but the point to remember is that it must have attained highest temperature on the furnance or pan or kadai. Parota is harmful because it is not deep fried like poori(Indian) is. In fact my personal experience (Vipin Chand Bomb) is that after eating poori my cheeks were shining better then normal days.

What is Zero Therapy ???
It's a science beyond science. It is for the world's scientist to find out what science is this.

Is it not amazing that a single person, Mr. Vipin Chand Bomb, single handedly has been changing the life style of the people who inturn got cured of all incurables by other science. Most impontantly Mr. Vipin Chand Bomb has been handling this without any assistance
             be it machiner
             be it man power
             be it finance
No assistance in any form. All the research and development is done by Mr. Vipin Chand Bomb in the mind itself.

Zero Therapy has on record the beneficiaries who have been declared 90% vision lost, 100% voice lost, a child who has not been able to open the eyes in day time but could see only in the night, a patient declared suffering from CIDP (Chronic inflammatory multifocal demyelinating motor sensory polyneuropathy), a lady not able to conceive due to monthly cycle problem, a child declared suffering from DMD from Bombay, another 3 and half year child was seen with 813 protein by test result, brought to normal level of 5 with in 5 days. See the report 2010 exhibition( Exhibition Videos ) and many more incurable by any method. All of them have been cured just by following Zero Therapy Life Style. A book “Hot - Cold, 105 glimpses of diagnosis in Zero Therapy” authored by Vipin Chand Bomb has all unbelievable facts written in their own hand writing with their address. The book will be available with all leading public libraries of Chennai. “Spiritual Food” authored by Vipin Chand Bomb is available at Connemara Public Library.


Zero Therapy people enjoy full life. They don't WASTE time even in brushing the teeth, yet they don't have to go to dentist, they don't have necessity to go to doctor (thus save time), they don't need the test report (again saving time). The reason they know working of their body. Most of the Zero Therapy followers go for passing toilet (stool) minimum twice or thrice (resulting in no bulge on the belly). Toilet time is lesser than non-zero therapy (thus again saving time). The reason

What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body. – no junk food.

The costliest commodity in the world is time. We don't sit in toilet for more than 2 or 3 minutes. As a matter of fact we live like herbevorous animals but do not behave like animals. Best harmony between husband and wife, the reason both eat the same food.

Interesting thing about Life:
Life without the originator of life (women) is no life worth living. Incidently all gods in almost all the religions had wife in their life, who were instrumental in making them god.


Energy cannot be given or taken but it can only be transformed between two energies. It can be sentient(jeev) or non-sentient(ajeev). Here the thought of one person(transmitter) produces the energy at the same time the thought of other person(receiver) receives the energy but for receiving it is essential that one sends out something creating a vacancy which means no body can give or no body can take individually but it is give and take. This can be done by husband and wife by inhaling and exhaling swas(breath). If the exhaling is more powerful, he can control the other person. It all depends on who is more positive in swas.

At Sri Lanka.

Vipin Chand Bomb being taken under a white umbrella in procession before the presentation of title. Flags of both the countries can be seen on the either side of Shri Vipin Chand Bomb.

Zero Therapy is what ?

Zero Therapy is not a treatment. Its an invention by Vipin Chand Bomb. To prove we needed some proof. Now its for the world to understand the science, how it works, why it does not work for some people, why people don't adopt it even though its available free and every bodies body is a doctor by itself. Its a point to ponder....

Zero Therapy is nothing but to keep away from unnatural chemicals.

Disease is created when the harmones are imbalanced and in turn they create gases which comes out in the form of disease. For any disease the gas is the vital factor and if one is able to balance the difference in temperature of an individual body he has the best health. Zero Therapy's main tool is dry and wet cold pack.

Who is the next best doctor after your body ?

Your Partner. If married either of the partner is the best doctor next to your body. If both are eating the same food then either of them will get alright due to bhavana, provided they are on satwik life style of food. If one of the partner is not eating the same food, in all probability he/she may not even stop the recovery but on the contrary it may further worsen the case. This is the reason we give utmost importance to bhavana of food, bhavana of the person who prepares the food, serves the food ….

About Shri Vipin Chand Bomb :

Healing power of body:

Nature has provided with all the mechanism for running the machine from birth to death without any external help. The moment we take help in form of medicine, subconsciously the healing power of body stops without the knowledge of the person concerned which ultimately means our principle (Do not meddle with your body).

Books by Vipin Chand Bomb :

15 Feb 2009:                  “Hot - Cold, 105 glimpses of diagnosis in Zero Therapy”
24 Jan 2010:                  “SPIRITUAL FOOD”
shortly being launched: 4th book

- a non medical book but must for all medical professionals is being released for the benefit of all. Of course Zero Therapy is a non-commercial, NO-PROFIT Organization. The main purpose of Zero Therapy is to change the Athma by means of Spiritual Food and in the universal prosperity, peace and happiness.

Why so many Therapies - “Why not one” ?

Everyday we find some new science in the medical field is taking birth like acupuncture therapy, acupressure therapy, allopathy, homeopathy therapy, ayurvedic therapy, yoga therapy, homeopathy therapy, naturopathy therapy, rekhi therapy, pranic therapy, aroma therapy, osteopathic therapy. The reason for all this is one line. Diagnosis in first attempt is not perfect. This leads the public to jump from one to another. For this reason “15 Seconds Diagnosis” - a non medical book but must for all medical professionals is being released for the benefit of all. Of course Zero Therapy is a non-commercial, NO-PROFIT Organization. The main purpose of Zero Therapy is to change the Athma by means of Spiritual Food and in the universal prosperity, peace and happiness.

About Zero Therapy

Zero Therapy is the science of harmony of changing the individual cells of each family member and there by the side-effect takes care of the disease with food as a catalyst. Its food biochemistry and thought chemistry, which are complementary to each other. This is Ultimate Therapy, not Alternative Therapy. It works on the principle of balancing individual hormone, which varies from person to person. Ultimate Therapy is the name given to it, since no external material goes into the body. We don't prescribe food for organ. It is for individual body.

What is the meaning of HEALTHY ?

The present day world is looking for healthy body and healthy mind and in turn healthy soul. Now lets go through the origin of what health is. As per our founder's quote:

"HEALTHY – HEAL THY (self healing is healthy) - VIPINCHAND BOMB"

Healthy as our founder says is HEAL_THY (HEALTHY). If body has capacity to heal itself the person is known as healthy. HEAL THY. THY means oneself. If one can heal himself it means HEALTHY. The nature has provided all the mechanisms for healing oneself body. Means there cannot be any better doctor then the body itself. Healthy is divided into emotional health, physical health, mental health. All this three types of health depends on the individual depending on the basic principle of Zero Therapy

“What matter to the body is the matter that goes into the body” - VIPINCHAND BOMB.

The matter in the form of food goes into the body which decides the emotional health, physical health, mental health. The food that mother takes during the nine month also decides the emotional health, physical health, mental health. To bring all this in balanced position food is essential and a must. In present day world health management is most important. Once the man knows how to manage his health he is more successful in business management also. Again attention is invited to the quote of the founder:

For more quotes refer
Quotes by Vipin Chand Bomb

So, emotional health is good for business management. Zero Therapy Life Style food (that normal regular diet at home) gives emotional health, physical health and mental health by sear combination of normal daily zero therapy diet.

Forth coming book: “15 Seconds Diagnosis "

HOT NEWS: Zero Therapy ahead of research, for people to judge.

Vipin Chand Bomb – Vegetarian Guru. Deccan Chronicle, 26 Jan 2010.

Currently in News - Vipin Chand Bomb

Vipin Chand Bomb is in News since Oct 1997.

What is a disease? Each body is made up of four elements which is fixed in a ratio at the time of birth. Any disturbance in the ratio is disease and Zero Therapy balances the four elements in the ratio at the time of birth with proper food and thought with respect to climatic conditions and geography of the place taking into account temperature, humidity - on particular days. Basic principle are on the left bar of this page.

We suggest diet to be prepared at home (by blood relative, who loves to prepare and loves to serve the individual to be cured) which balances your hormone. Our WILL to cure you and your WILL to get cured will get you cured – bhavana (Thought Chemistry, which is the nearest translation, though not exact).

A single person does it with no assistant. With the help of Person’s Tongue on each day, the body Chemistry and body physics, he changes the hormones of the individual – by combination of simple daily food - not even herbal.

One can never imagine a would be mother (in entire 9 months of pregnancy) not administered any medicine till the delivery. The proof in the form of letter from beneficiaries will be loaded here on the website in few days.

It's available absolutely free. No side effects, no complements, and no hidden charges.What's required is your patience. It's a team of convinced and cured families, which are running the whole show.

Non Vegetarianism

It is very interesting to know that in Asia everyone uses (including the highly educated and qualified people) the word “Non-Vegetarian”.

There is no such word in dictionary or encyclopedia as “Non vegetarian”. Even though there are words like Non union, Non starter, Non stricker, Non Christian, Non sense but no such word as non vegetarian. The reason is once the word comes non, non means no, that means no to Vegetarianism, no vegetable, no food. Only a tiger and lion or Carnivorous can be called non vegetarian even though the word used for them is not correct. Ever since English was formed, how Asians have been wrongly using non vegetarian. Its a matter of debate and interest.

Interesting clipping from . A link to that is here.

People for Vegetarianism:

Morarji Desai, in his Nature Cure wrote that the majority of mankind is non-vegetarian though its percentage is lower in India. His arguments in favour of vegetarianism was that herbivorous animals are stronger and they have better capacity to work than their carnivore brothers. To establish his point he showed the example of elephants, camels, horses, buffaloes and such animals. He further argued that man is more like an herbivorous animal. Even the meats that he eats are those of the herbivorous animals. Here we may look into some scientific observations made about the meat and meat eating.

Meat is a poor source of minerals, carbohydrate, starch, roughage and it contains considerable amount of saturated fat or cholesterol and uric acid, both harmful for health. There are toxins in all flesh. Eating such flesh is adding other’s toxins to one’s body, endangering one’s heart, kidney, liver, lungs and other parts of the body. DDT, pesticides, antibiotics are contained in meat. Meat eating is linked to many diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallstones, osteoporosis, diabetes, asthma and other diseases.

It remains a fact that Morarji Desai and Guljarilal Nanda, both former vegetarian prime ministers and Gandhians, lived more than hundred years. Many other vegetarians like G. B. Shaw enjoyed long life. But it cannot be said that non-vegetarians have always a shorter life span.

On the question of vegetarianism the name of M. K. Gandhi aptly comes to mind. In London he started partial fasting rather than meat eating. His landlady and his friends were worried about his health. But he would never touch meat. Vegetarianism was a new cult in England at that time, as we learned from him, though the movement had already begun. He started a club in his locality, of which he became the secretary and Dr. Oldfield, the editor of Vegetarian, became the president.

Though there are both vegetarians and non-vegetarians among humans, the distinct rivalry must be of recent origin. It may be local also. Some of them make vegetarianism a principle of life and they work ardently for its cause. We give below the story of such a person.

Vipin Chand was a thermometer dealer in Chennai. He was more in the job of converting people to vegetarianism than doing his business. As an incentive, he gave a silver coin to the converts who joined his group. One side of the coin had the message, Vegetarianism Spreads Peace and the other side of the coin had, Spread Vegetarianism for World Peace. He further rewarded them in due course. He turned down customers who were drinkers and smokers or non-vegetarians in general. He wanted to say the same proverb in a different way, ‘You are what you eat’ (Indian Express, Chennai. 13.1.1998.)

11 unusual things about Vipin Chand Bomb:

  • He had a German Shepherd dog right from its birth till its death. It was 100% vegetarian eating Rasgolla, banana and milk. It will not eat biscuit and any other synthetic food chemical. Many a times, those who are carnivorous by birth but have vegetarian way of bringing up are much more intelligent compared to their colleagues (see Indian Express dated 12-Jan-1998 and Page 9 of Book “Spiritual Food”).
  • “It is important to live like animals provided that you are not behaving like animals.”, said Vipin Chand Bomb as quoted by press, News Today, 16 Feb 2009.
  • “Vipin Chand is known for his diagnosis by looking at the tongue.” said press, News Today dated 16 Feb 2009. “Man can bluff, but tongue never bluffs” says Vipin Chand Bomb.
  • “I haven't cut my hair in years because I am yet to find a barber who does not smoke.” said Vipin Chand Bomb as quoted by press, New Indian Express, 2 Aug 1999.
  • “After all, I see no reason why anyone should want to smoke. Last week, I was woken up by beedi smoke and found a thief lurking near the bedroom.” said Vipin Chand Bomb as quoted by press, New Indian Express, 2 Aug 1999.
  • “Vipin Chand went on to explain the common sense approach to this breakthrough science, which is beyond the understanding of an average individual.” said press, News Today,16 Feb 2009.
  • “In stem cell therapy, cells are taken out and used when required. The same cells are energized without removing it from the body in zero therapy, thus harmonizing the mind, body and soul.” said Vipin Chand as quoted by press, Indian Express, 16 Feb 2009.
  • “Raw material is good, finished goods is good. Same applies both to industries and human babies. This refers to pre-delivery 9 months, food one takes in the form of raw material.” says Vipin Chand Bomb.
  • Vipin Chand Bomb has been conducting one hour long weekly sessions on Mondays on Zero Therapy from over 5 years without a single break. On a election day, venue building was closed and within 5 minutes of walking distance, a new venue was fixed and meeting was conducted.
  • There is birth place for everything. Bacterias are born in stagnant water or such similar atmosphere. Similarly the birth place for child is womb of mother. The birth place of trees and plants is earth. The birth place of all the diseases in the world is dinning table. Vipin Chand Bomb said that at a lecture in Sri Lanka.
  • The success of Zero Therapy is based on uncommon common sense of Vipin Chand Bomb.

Vipinchand Bomb is available for lectures within India and outside India WITHOUT FEES. For within India, he bears the travel, lodging and hall expenses, since it is his mission. For outside India, travel and lodging should be provided. Expected audience should be a minimum of 500.

Recent Lectures and number of audience:
     Bangalore: 500+
     Trichy: 200+ (being a small town)
     Raipur: 550+
     Seminar III: 4000+ (organized by us.)
     Seminar II: 3500+ (organized by us.)
     Seminar I: 2700+ (organized by us.)

Please excuse us for not attending personally to individuals. If you mail your address and name, may be we can arrange a common meeting for interaction. All this will be FREE of COST and no charges from anybody, provided we get sufficient registration (FREE).

To the best of our knowledge and past experience we derived from various Zero Therapy followers, BP & Sugar are brain and mind related and not organ related. And as such it does not require any physical touch for healing.

“Spiritual Food” book makes news. Authored by Vipin Chand Bomb. Downtown, The Hindu, 31 Jan 2010.

Food Theory of our founder Vipin Chand Bomb endorsed by Indian Express, 24 Jan 2010.

Food should be taught as a separate subject at the school level, said Vipin Chand, founder of Zero Therapy in a talk on food and economy of the nation held here on Sunday.

The science behind the food theory of Vipin Chand Bomb presented as appears in News Today, Chennai, 25 Jan 2010.

Vipin said people should not force vegetarianism on others.

Seminar 3 of Zero Therapy in news. Do not enforce Vegetarianism says Vipin Chand Bomb. (Rajesthan Patrika, Chennai, 29 Jan 2010)

The book “SPIRITUAL FOOD” authored by Vipin Chand Bomb was released on the day of 3rd Mega Seminar. 1500 copies of books were printed and 1200 were distributed against donation with in half hour – a sort of a record. We are looking forward for publisher if interested contact us at



Food is disease. Food is health. Food is solution. The ensuing seminar is on Food and Food and Food. Book to be released at Seminar is “SPIRITUAL FOOD”. Seminar will deal with economy of nation in relation to food. The main aim of Seminar is to change the life style of people for the better by food habits. The whole seminar is based on uncommon common sense. The common sense now a days is not very common. The reason is people living with nature have better common sense then people living against nature.

Book on quotations by Zero Therapy Founder

Shortly a book is being published on quotations by our founder (quotations available on site which will be perhaps the only book in the world giving the details on when and how quotations were coined. Each quotation will have the details of its birth, situation under which it was framed) which will be a pride to own.

Zero Therapy Foundation

Zero Therapy has now formed a trust under the name “Zero Therapy Foundation”. Donations are welcome.
Following is the activiy of the trust:

BACK OF THE FRONT COVER OF BOOK: “105 glimpses of diagnosis in Zero Therapy”:

What one of the India's top leading news paper has to say about Zero Therapy ?

In stem cell therapy, cells are taken out and used when required. The same cells are energized without removing it from the body in zero therapy, thus harmonising the mind, body and soul” - Vipin Chand.
This article was published after the Second Annual Mega Seminar of Zero Therapy . Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta graced the occasion. Naresh Gupta (Chief Electoral Officer) also spoke a few words about his understanding of the Zero Therapy at the function.

Article published by News Today on 16 Feb 2009, after the Second Annual Mega Seminar.

Zero Therapy and your Immune System.

Zero Therapy is a food science which not only improves individual's immune system but in a way resist all types of disease by improving the antibodies of the body (which modern science calls immunology). The individual cells are improved to such a great extent that by improving the immune system all the individual blood cells are energized To this, so called modern science has for name sake called Stem cell Therapy.

What is immune?

When a body does not allow any dead cells to worsen the body it is known as body is immune to all diseases. The theory behind is survival of the fittest. The live cells of an individual of zero therapy are so powerful that dead cells are either thrown out or made alive(energized). The body thus gets immune to all sorts of disease.

Zero Therapy is able to prove the so called modern science wrongly which believe in theory that bacterias can create disease. Here the immune system is so powerful that none of the harmful bacterias can create any disease in an individual. Thus improve the system to such an extent that all unwanted matter are thrown out of the body in the form of vomiting, dysentery and so on and on.

Food has been given great emphasis in Zero Therapy. So, What is Food ?

Food is disease. Food is health. Food is cure. Food is solution. One such solution offered is by Vipin Chand Bomb, Founder Zero Therapy. Food gives you thought. Food gives you behaviour. Food gives you character. Food gives you physical strength. Food gives you mental strength. Food gives you emotional strength(Spiritual power is completed with purity of soul). Food can make life. Food can mar life. Right food is harmonizing of body, mind and soul – physical, mental and emotional. Wrong food is disease – physical disease, mental disease, impure soul. Food must be eaten along with family members for better harmony than food eaten individually. Food has 2 male vowels which gives you positive energy. Fool also has 2 male vowels but phonetic pronunciation of fool has negative energy. Food is the energy for mind and soul, hence the meaning of food has got to be vegetarian food and not meat, flesh and egg. The reason is flesh, meat and egg gives one negative energy. Means take out the energy from body even though it may give physical strength – only for muscle but not stamina. Food for herbivorous animal is only vegetarian food. So, it implies that food taken by human being should also be termed as Vegetarian food and the meaning of food in dictionary should change. The length of intestine of human being and herbivorous animals are almost same and in carnivorous animals, the length of intestine is very very small. Any enquiries may be sent to . The moment food goes on the tongue it builds up the cell and builds up character before it goes to stomach for digestion. This may help treating the dead cells in cancer by energizing the cell to make them live and the live cells throw the dead cells out of the body in the form of blood stool. For a civilized society food should be made a compulsory subject in the school so that the whole world is peaceful, provided the meaning of food is well understood as only and only Satvik food. Food grown under the ground is not allowed in Satvik food. The meaning of food as I have understood:

  • F – Flower and Fruits
  • O – offered
  • O – out of devotion
  • D – to Deity.

as appearing in Zero Therapy book, “105 glimpses of diagnosis in Zero Therapy”.

Cheetah can run fast for 200 meters(Cheetah is carnivorous) but it is horse which can run faster for long distance and maintain the same speed, that is known as Stamina. The simple reason for Horse, Elephant and Camel for use in War and even in Chess is due to Stamina. Science has recognized the power of electric motor as Horse Power and not Cheetah and Lion Power because motor has to run for a long time.

The origin of food is ‘fodda’ in French Language which again originated from fodder. Fodder means dry grass. Again food for herbivorous.

Book: “105 glimpses of diagnosis in Zero Therapy”

Following are Front Cover and Back of the Front Cover of the book. The whole Universe is nothing but Hot and Cold effect (i.e) Sun and Moon, Paap and Punya, Male and Female (Expansion and Contraction). The cover page of this book shows Sun and Moon together because the entire Universe cannot Separate these two.


Why is Vegetarian Food, The Food for Human beings? What is Vegetarianism?

Veg is the short form of Vegetarianism means

  • V – Very
  • E – Easy to
  • G – Grasp by the body

Food eaten by herbivorous animals is easily grasped by body and in turn by the brain for human body. So, the human body is meant to take only the vegetarian load. The other food eaten is not fully thrown out by the body. Other food means meat, egg and flesh. The body is an intelligent machine and as such the unwanted food (meat, flesh, eggs and fish) is hidden by the body in some form or the other and most of the time the safest place is stomach. Which increases the central obesity. Once there is a limit of central obesity, it hides in the abdominal obesity. Which are known as diseases by our science. Again vegetarianism is combination of vegetarian and ism. Ism means doctoring. Doctoring means theory, which needs to be proved. To get a doctorate one has to prove a theory. This is the reason non-vegetarianism is not a word in the dictionary in the world. One cannot be non-vegetarian totally, so he has to depend on veg. Hence there is no word called non-vegetarian, even though there is word called non-Christian, non-union, non-starter, and non-sense. Vegetarianism is good for mental health, emotional health. Vegetarianism is two in one for National Health and Animal Wealth. Vegetarianism is for national integration since it means common non-violent food for all the countrymen. So a common platform, and hence no differences and therefore national integration. Vegetarianism is for world peace as per Vipin Chand Bomb's quotation:

Vegetarianism spreads peace” and on the reverse “Spread Vegetarianism for world peace”

as reported in an article titled “Vegetarianism for the sake of World peace” in The Indian Express, January 12, 1998. If the whole world would become Vegetarian (hypothetically) there will be no war, no crimes, no violence and for the sake of world peace every one need to become vegetarian. One point to be noted, don’t force vegetarianism. Every one experiences the vegetarian food himself is good enough. For each one is vegetarian the whole world is vegetarian. No need to force vegetarianism on every one. If everyone becomes vegetarian then the demand for meat, fish and flesh will not be there and all the slaughter houses will close automatically.

How does Zero Therapy compare to any other Therapy?

Zero Therapy is a Therapy where the name suggest zero means no start no end. It is your body which is responsible for disease and it is your body which is responsible for cure, provided no external help is taken in any form, like acupuncture therapy, acupressure therapy, allopathy, homeopathy therapy, ayurvedic therapy, yoga therapy, homeopathy therapy, naturopathy therapy, rekhi therapy, pranic therapy or any other alternative therapy(No external help). When external help is taken, the organs including the glands sub consciously stops the built in curing power of body.

Zero Therapy is a science of 'bhavana'(Thought Chemistry, which is the nearest translation, though not exact) , science of food with 'bhavana', science of the 'bhavana' of person who prepares the food, science of the 'bhavana' of person who serves the food, science of the 'bhavana' of person with whom you eat the food. Its bhavana, bhavana and all the way bhavana. 'Bhavana' has no equivalent English word. The nearest is “Thought Chemistry” which is the nearest translation, though not exact.

Zero Therapy is not an Alternative Therapy. Zero Therapy is Ultimate Therapy. Zero means no value but if added with power of mind, power of body, and power of soul, it has all the properties of curing incurable diseases. Zero Therapy is the therapy of harmony of body, mind and soul which release special chemical with the help of the glands which are needed for curing any incurable disease. Hence Zero Therapy is the treatment of the body, for the body and by the body. Basically the brain chemistry which takes care of emotional balance and that emotional balance treats any disease. Zero Therapy is the science of uncommon common sense. Zero Therapy is the science of bio-chemistry of mind and body which release special chemical through the brain which is essential for curing any type of disease. It may be clearly noted that organs are all secondary and the main source of curing power or built in power of body lies in the glands which communicate with each other for balancing the hormone. And once any one of the glands is operated upon the body looses the built in curing power or healing power or repairing power(Since it is the chemicals released by the glands which have the power of curing and not the mechanical organs.


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